3 things you didn’t know about the hair industry in Vietnam

You may not know, hair extensions are not only an accessory that enhances beauty, but it is also an industry. Along with the increasing demand for wigs and hair extensions, the hair industry in Vietnam , accordingly, has also begun to develop and is gradually asserting its position in the international market. And also following that development, many questions were raised about the origin and development process, as well as the hidden corners behind this industry.

ApoGroups, as one of the leading exporters of wigs and hair extensions in Vietnam, will share with you some of the important milestones marking the development of the hair industry in Vietnam.

History of hairdressing in Vietnam

Wigs actually appeared more than 2000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, and it was not until the 16th century that wigs were really recognized for the great influence in the fashion field of the first queen. Queen of England – Queen Elizabeth. However, at this time, wigs were still considered a luxury item and only aristocrats could use wigs. Wigs were considered expensive until the 19th century, when music stars started using them, and from there, the trend of using wigs grew at a dizzying rate.

The hairdressing profession in Vietnam – at that time still in the French colonial period – was also born. The beauty needs of the wives of French officials have partly spread to Vietnamese women. There is demand and supply, and that’s when the hair industry in Vietnam officially entered the development stage with the introduction of a series of care services and products and tools for hairdressing.

It was not until the end of the 20th century, when world cultures began to interfere, that the hair industry in Vietnam entered the most prosperous period of development with the appearance of wigs and hair extensions. Although just entering the development period, Vietnamese wigs have been gradually asserting their importance in the international arena to compete with other major wig exporting countries such as China, India or Peru.

Requirements of the hair profession in Vietnam

Attracting a large number of human resources operating in the field of hair production and hairstyling. This profession requires high expertise, scientific knowledge to apply technology to hairdressing, as well as a pair of skillful hands and creativity to be able to create beautiful hairstyles. Best. Similar to the production of wigs, workers must be those who have undergone professional training and have solid professional knowledge. If each wig is considered a work of art, then each wig production worker is an artisan with skillful hands to be able to create the most beautiful products.

In addition to the above requirements, Vietnamese hairdressers must also pay special attention to their own health. Using styling tools such as scissors, dryers, curling irons… or regular exposure to chemicals from dyes, bleach, shampoos… can cause certain health effects. . Therefore, people who choose to work as a hairdresser in Vietnam in particular or as a hairdresser in general need to pay attention to their own health, limit direct exposure to chemicals, rest properly and have a suitable diet. Suitable for relaxation and restoration of bodily functions.

The development of the hair industry in Vietnam

Currently, the hair industry in Vietnam is growing rapidly, providing jobs for millions of people with huge profits of up to hundreds of millions per year for each salon. In addition, services such as private care, hair styling or wig supply are also gradually becoming a trend.

One of the most powerful businesses in the hair industry in Vietnam is ApoGroups. Operating mainly in the field of providing wigs and hair extensions, ApoGroups is gradually dominating the market in the hair production and import-export industry and constantly enhances creativity to offer products with the best quality.

Established in the early 90s of the 20th century, when the hair industry in Vietnam was still on a small and sparse scale, APOGroups was once known as Duong Hoi hair factory. That was just over 20 workers. The workshop recorded its first achievement in early 2005. This is the first time Duong Hoi factory has exported hair to the international market. Until the end of 2011, Duong Hoi hair factory officially changed its name to APO Import-Export Joint Stock Company, and at the same time began to bring its own wigs – bringing the hair industry in Vietnam to the market. European countries and since then achieved initial successes.

Currently, APOGroups has been gradually asserting its No. 1 position in exporting wigs in Vietnam as a reliable partner of more than 1 million customers from more than 60 countries around the world. With the slogan “Pioneer in service mission”, APOGroups has been constantly striving to achieve many successes on the difficult and challenging import and export race, thereby laying the foundation for the development of the industry. hair in Vietnam to the international market.


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