4 Awesome Types of Ponytails Hair Extensions You Have Never Heard Of

If you are a hair extensions fetish, you cannot reject Ponytail hairstyles in your “Awesome Ponytails Hair Extensions List” for sure. How can get that look? You may use weave hair with the quick weave method, bulk hair with elastic bands, etc. Stop thinking about this complicated application! Let’s choose some types of ponytails hair extensions below to own a long lock-in in a blink of an eye.

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Basing on the design of Ponytails Hair Extensions

Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extensions

You may find it strange about this type of ponytail and have no idea how it works. Let’s take a look at the photo below.

Drawstring Ponytail
Drawstring Ponytail

Simply, the hair materials are turned into weave hair, then sewn in a drawstring mesh or net. The net itself includes a small comb or a clip and a drawstring. You can see it in the photo below.

We want to note that, the clip or small comb will attach to your natural hair when you apply for the hair extensions. Hence, you should pay attention to the flow of the hair before sewing the weave. Any mistakes lead to an unnatural look.

How to install drawstring ponytail hair extensions

How to put on drawstring ponytail
How to put on a drawstring ponytail

It’s not hard to apply for these hair extensions at all. The very first step is to prep your natural tresses. You should do a ponytail with elastic bands. If your hair is long, make a bun instead. Then, secure the clip or small comb of our ponytails to your natural hair, and pull the string until it fits your bun. Afterward, don’t forget to fix the hair tightly with a BB pin. To hide the seam for a flawless look, you should take a small strand of hair, add some gel for a sleek look and wrap around the seam secured by bobby pins.

Claw Ponytail Hair Extensions

You can imagine how it looks like easily from the name. As the types of ponytails above, hair suppliers attach weave hair extensions to a claw by glue. The hair is around so no one can see the claw for sure. To apply this one is super easy as well. Simply create a ponytail of your natural hair, and fit the hair extensions. For the best effect, you should make a high ponytail instead.

Claw ponytails hair extensions
Claw ponytails hair extensions

Wrap ponytail Hair Extensions

The name of this one is based on how we install it which is quite similar to the application of drawstring. However, there are some differences depending on their structures. You can see the details of everything about them at this link. If you just want to understand them briefly, please keep reading.

Clothes strings ponytail

The weave hair will be sewn into a piece of clothes which include 2 strings of clothes. Besides, you can also require 1 or 2 combs or clips for better security. When you wear them, you need to fit them into your natural hair first, then wrap the hairpiece around and fix it with the strings of clothes.

Velcro ponytail

We can say that the velcro ponytail is almost the same as her sister – Clothes Strings ponytail. Nevertheless, hair suppliers don’t use 2 strings of clothes, alternatively, they use velcro with a hair strand. The hair plays a role as the coverage to hide the seam of ponytail hair extensions. In the installation, the installation is much easier but we need to be careful or the hair will get stuck due to the velcro.

We can say that Wrap ponytails are the most popular one among types of ponytails thanks to some reasons below:

  • Ease to seek in hair market
  • Various in colors, styles, and lengths
  • Ease in application
  • Reasonable price

If you need this ponytail hair extension, you can shop at Be9hair’s online store. We give you the wholesale price with 100% Human Hair. If you have any wonders about this hair, our 24/7 customer service team is always ready to answer them. Don’t hesitate anything, contact us now.

Tip Ponytail hair extensions

This one is the latest design in the hair market. The hair will be bonded into an I-tip by keratin. In the middle of the tip, the hair supplier adds a bar of metal that is flexible in changing its shape.

Tip ponytail
Tip ponytail

How to wear Ponytails Hair Extensions

As another one, you get to make a ponytail hair extension first. From the front, get the tip of hair extensions through your ponytail under the elastic bands. You need to put the end of the bar in between your natural hair ponytail. Afterward, use one hand to secure the hair extensions, the other will tuck the tip around elastic bands.

Hence, it works as a guard to secure hair extensions as well as the concealer to hide the seam between them. Isn’t it great? No glue, no thread, no string. It’s super convenient.

Basing on the materials

As we all know, there are a lot of materials for all types of ponytails hair extensions. We can classify them depending on the origin (Brazilian, Vietnamese, European, etc), component (human hair or non-human hair), and so on. Let’s check the second classification. Scroll down now.

  • Synthetic Hair: It is human-made by high technology. It also has different qualities. Some of them are soft and look-alike natural hair. However, most of them aren’t. The strengths of this type are various in colors and styles, and cheap cost. On the contrary, the weakness is to get damaged easily, especially damages from heat. For high-quality synthetic fibers, you can dye it with ink but it’s hard to become even color.
  • Non-Remy Hair: it’s usually human hair or animal fur. Nevertheless, these materials are processed through acid/ammoniac to remove the cuticles then cover them with silicon for gloss and smooth hair. They have a short lifespan (about 3 months only).
  • Remy Hair: Remy hair is 100% Human Hair collected from more than 2 donors or the hair is under any chemical processes such as perm, straighten, dye, bleach, etc. In comparison with the 2 types of ponytails above, this one is much better with higher quality and long-lasting features. The hair, in good maintenance condition, can last up to 2 years and above. You are allowed to use hot tools and chemicals to change hairstyles.
  • Virgin Hair: This is the best hair quality in the hair market now which is collected from 1 person only. In addition, the hair hasn’t been through any chemical procedure yet. As a result, it’s healthy and pure. On the one hand, it’s rare with the high cost and the hair is thin also. If you really want great quality, long and thick locks at a reasonable price, it should be Remy hair.

In conclusion

Now you know about all types of ponytails hair extensions in the market. Each of them has pros and cons, you can put them on the scale and choose the best one for you. If you find this post informative, leave your thought in the comment section below.


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