4 easy DIY steps for woven hair

Limited colors, lots of hair loss, tangles, inability to style, inability to part properly… are all causes for your newly purchased woven hair to turn out to be disappointing. And then you will have to spend hours, even days wondering if you should continue to order hair extensions at the store? If you want to buy a wig, where should you go? And a bunch of other headache questions.

Instead of pondering over those unanswered questions, why don’t you try making your own hair extensions? In this article, ApoGroups will tell you 4 extremely simple steps to DIY a unique woven hairdo for yourself. Weave hair extensions are among the simplest and easiest to make, so you can rest assured in creating your own woven hairdo. We believe this will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Step 1: Prepare tools and materials for weaving hair

– Bulk hair. Depending on the desired hair thickness, you can choose the number of hair bundles that are right for you. To enhance the natural look of your weave, we recommend choosing a coarse hair made from 100% human hair. At ApoGroups , we offer raw human hair with prices ranging from $75 to $1000 per kilogram, depending on the length and volume of your hair you can choose the type of hair you need. Since the hair is very tangled, it is recommended that you hang your hair up before use, or leave the curls intact and curl into an arc to avoid tangling the hair during the weaving process.

– Black or beige tulle, cut into strips 40cm long and 5-7cm wide.

– Thread. Sewing thread is an indispensable material for weaving hair , the color of the thread is as close to the hair color you choose as possible.

– Ribbons, scissors, sewing pins, sewing machines.

– Comb. Use a wide tooth comb, if you don’t have one you can also use a regular comb.

– Dye if you want to dye your hair and styling tool if you want to straighten or curl your hair after finishing the product.

– Hair clips and hairspray.

Arrange large pieces of paper next to the sewing machine so that the surface is very flat and smooth. Make sure the space around you is neat before proceeding to weave your hair to avoid tangles when handling the hair strands.

Step 2: Proceed to do woven hair

Place the cut-to-size tulle shoulder piece horizontally under the stitch, double-checking that your stitch length is really small. Take a strand of hair, place the center section of hair on top of the tulle and spread the curl evenly so that the center of the strand is exactly where the needle is. Begin sewing the hair slowly in a straight line. In the process of spreading the hair, you should pay attention to spreading the hair very thin and evenly to avoid the hairs being gathered in one place, causing hair clumps when weaving on your hair. Moreover, sewing too much hair at once can cause the hair to become wobbly and difficult to correct later.

Repeat the process with the other curls until you reach the other end of the fabric. Make sure the hairs are spread continuously and there are no gaps. Sewing hair is the most important and complicated step in the whole process of weaving hair , so you need to be especially patient and meticulous to avoid affecting the next steps. After sewing, the hair is still very loose and easy to move, so you need to pay attention not to pull or comb your hair after sewing. Continue sewing the second seam, only 5-10mm from the first seam so that both seams are straight and parallel to each other.

Step 3: Fold the woven hair in half horizontally and sew together

Once you’ve finished sewing the hair, turn the tulle side up and fold both the fabric and the curls lengthwise in the middle of the two seams. Secure with sewing pins. Pay attention to fold the real hair evenly so that the lengths of the strands are equal, sew along a straight line 3-4mm from the fold line, sew at least 2 to 3 rows to make sure the hair does not fall out when in use process.

Once the hair is stitched, test again by trying to remove a few strands of hair from the tulle, if the hair is still loose, sew another seam to secure the hair. Check again until the hair is firmly attached to the fabric.

Step 4: Finish and style the woven hair

Trim excess tulle and uneven hair, as close to the seam as possible, then use a comb to gently remove tangles. Start styling your hair to your liking. After styling, finish with a thin coat of hairspray to shape your hair and keep your look longer. And that’s it, you’ve finished your DIY woven hairdo .

Above are 4 simple steps to DIY hair weave, have you tried it yet? Please like and share your finished product with us.

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