5 causes of hair loss

Just like Jada Pinkett Smith, who has put all her time and effort into fighting hair loss, anyone who has gone through this phase must agree that it is an experience. not a good experience. But do you know what causes frequent hair loss and how to prevent it? Today ApoGroups will bring out a list of 5 main causes of hair loss to help you find the right solution for you.

Causes of hair loss 1: Using heat styling tools

According to hair salon chain stylist John Frieda – Melanie Pellegrini, high temperatures are one of the most common causes of hair loss. Heat styling tools, such as blow dryers, curlers or straighteners, are all culprits that make hair dry and lifeless, and also increase the risk of damage. hair loss and damage. According to the ambassador from the famous hair growth brand Viviscal and the famous hair stylist – Neil Moodie, when the frequency of using high and dry heat for styling is too great, the hair fiber will become weaker and the condition of the hair will also deteriorate. less lead to burning hair.

So what measures can be used in this case? Neil Moodie believes that the simplest way to tackle hair loss caused by high heat styling is to use styling tools that measure and increase temperature. When using such tools, you will be more active in increasing and decreasing the temperature during styling and reducing the pressure on the hair.

In addition, you can also consider using the accessories that come with the styler to help limit the possibility of damage to your hair. For example, according to information from the founder of the Power Styler brand – Roi Korach, the ceramic accessory that comes with the Power Styler hair dryer helps to reduce drying time, thereby reducing the time the hair is exposed to heat. hair degree. The eyebrow accessory is currently on the market for £14.99.

Causes of hair loss 2: Dyeing your hair

One of the main causes of hair loss is regular hair dyeing. When hair fibers are overexposed to chemicals, they become brittle, thin and brittle due to the negative effects of those chemicals. Hair fibers lose their inherent elasticity, prone to continuous breakage.

To overcome this situation, the most important thing is that you should let your hair rest for a while. If you regularly dye and style your hair, consider stopping all of these habits for at least a month and monitoring to see if these habits are the cause of your condition. your hair loss. Besides, ApoGroups also recommends using specialized hair products in combination with heat protection spray to improve the condition of hair.

Causes of hair loss 3: The habit of combing hair

Moodie said that the majority of women today are experiencing hair loss due to inappropriate brushing habits. Each hair has an estimated lifespan of about 7 years, on average every day we will cool about 120 hairs to stimulate new hair growth. Therefore, if you do not brush your hair enough times and for a specified time, these hairs will not fall out and hinder the growth of new hair.

For the above case, the most suitable method is to change your brushing habits and choose for yourself a good quality comb. One of the most popular products today is the Hershesons mink comb. The product enhances blood circulation on the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

In addition to choosing a comb, combing is also an important factor in preventing hair loss. Hair in a wet state is often very damaged, so you need to pay special attention to avoid brushing your hair when it is not dry. Instead, you can spray a thin layer of hair gel and use a wide tooth comb to gently remove the rppsi from your hair to minimize this.

Causes of hair loss 4: Changing seasons

Winter and summer are the two most damaging seasons for hair, says Moodie. And most of these problems are related to the lack of moisture in the hair. Sunlight and water can make hair dull, split ends, and dry. Research concludes that some types of hair fall out seasonally – about 10% of our hair will enter the telogen phase, which is the phase of continuous hair loss. Women usually enter this phase between June and hair loss between October and November.

Therefore, the advice for those of you who want to avoid this situation is to choose to change the hairstyle by trimming the damaged hair before the hair enters this regressive process. Regular haircuts also help hair grow faster and healthier.

Causes of hair loss 5: Pregnancy and menopause

The hormonal changes during pregnancy not only wreak havoc on your skin, but also negatively affect your hair. This also happens when you enter menopause. As we age, hair begins to fall out and hair growth slows down, hair becomes thinner, less sharp, and hair follicles also begin to stop regenerating. This process happens faster during perimenopause, when the hormone estrogen, which promotes hair growth in women, drops, combined with an increase in testosterone that contributes to hair thinning and stop growing. create.

In this case, the best way is to consult with your doctor to know how to rebalance the hormone levels in your body and how to take care of your hair that is right for you.

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