5 face shapes and how to choose a hairstyle for each type

Have you ever wondered why the super cool and trendy hairstyles that Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner have never improved your look, even made you look ridiculous? Of course, there are many reasons to explain this, maybe it’s because your skin tone doesn’t match that hair color well, or it’s also because the superstar aura has saved the hairstyle that the fashionistas have. supermodels like Gigi or Kendall have chosen… and most likely the hairstyle you choose doesn’t suit your face shape.

So how can you be sure you’re choosing the hairstyle that best suits your unique features and face shape? ApoGroups is here to help you better understand the 5 face shapes and how to choose a hairstyle for each face so you can experience it with confidence every day.

Oval face shape

The oval face is considered the most perfect face shape, suitable for almost any hairstyle. People with an oval face often have a slightly rounded jawline, cheeks that are a little narrower than their cheeks, and a balanced face length – usually one and a half times the width.

To have a shape that is both personal and youthful, hack age and enhance the softness of your oval face, the pixie hairstyle is probably our final answer. With this hairstyle, you can rest assured that all the most expensive features on your face will be enhanced in the most optimal way.

Besides the personality cut hairstyle, a straight shoulder-length hair or a few bouncy curls for shoulder-length hair are also not bad choices for girls with oval faces. A small note is that you should avoid hairstyles with horizontal and too thick bangs, such hairstyles will make your face dark. Always remember to choose a hairstyle that completely reveals your beautiful face.

Round face shape

To conceal the short and full jawline, round cheekbones and short nose, shoulder-length hairdos will help you “shine”. For girls with round faces, short hair has the ability to hide cheekbones defects, thereby making your face slimmer. There are many variations for short hair that you can try. Short curly hair, curling tail, short hair with thin sideburns or long bangs… are all perfect choices for your round face. In addition, choosing for yourself a cool brown or deep western brown tone also contributes to creating depth for your face.

For girls with a feminine style, long curly hair or long straight hair with side bangs is also a great choice. Letting your long hair fall naturally to cover one side of your face will help deceive the eye of the beholder, making your face less round and slimmer. However, bangs that are too long or too thick to cover the entire face will be counterproductive – it will not only not make your face look slimmer, but it will also make your aura darker.

Heart face shape

Wide forehead, pointed chin, face length greater than width are common features of people with heart face. With this type of face, you need a hairstyle that can cover large defects, and at the same time avoid straight hairstyles that squeeze a few faces to reveal your pointed chin. The hairstyles that are favored by people with heart-shaped faces are usually long hair with light curls or shoulder-length hair with slanted bangs or thin bangs that help you hide the wide boring part and create a reaction that makes your chin look wider.

With a more dynamic and personal look, you can choose to part your bangs or tie your hair up in a high ponytail, thereby creating accents for your eyes and soft lines on your face. For women with a heart-shaped face, you should avoid having your hair parted in the middle. The middle parting will expose unattractive flaws in your face and make your face less harmonious.

Square face shape

A square face is characterized by having the same length of forehead and jawline, a square chin, and a face length equal to the width. However, these are also the disadvantages that need to be covered by the girl with a square and angular face. To hide the jawline defect of this face, you need to choose a layered bob haircut that hugs your face, or let your long curly hair fall naturally to cover the “angular” lines of your face. In particular, people with a square face shape are very suitable for thin bangs or short bangs to the side, so avoid too thick horizontal bangs, because they will make your chin look coarser.

Long face shape

A person with a long face has a narrow jawline and a face length that is twice as long as its width. To make your face shape more harmonious, you should choose hairstyles of medium length and slightly hugging the face. Curly hair gently pulled to the side, or long straight hair parted in the middle will create the effect of making your jawline wider, thereby creating a more balanced face overall. Remember that you should only curl slightly, curling too much will make your face longer and less sharp.

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