Hair extensions suppliers can be manufacturers or wholesalers

5 smart tips to identify a quality hair extensions supplier

lIf you’ve been thinking of starting a new business in hair extensions, you may have brainstormed a lot of ideas. However, many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck when it comes to sourcing hair extensions. While producing hair extensions on their own requires so many resources, getting a reliable hair extensions supplier may be a better choice. Yet, good hair extensions wholesale suppliers have never been easy to find. So today, we will guide you with some tips on choosing a quality hair extensions supplier.

Types of hair extensions supplier

Before deciding on a good source for your hair business, let get a clear understanding of hair extensions suppliers. A hair extensions supplier may be a manufacturer or a wholesaler.

It's better to know types of suppliers before you start choosing one
It’s better to know the types of suppliers before you start choosing one

Hair extensions manufacturers

Hair extensions manufacturer like Be9Hair collects the hair from donors and produces their products from scratch. The best benefit of buying hair extensions directly from manufacturers is the lowest possible price. And obviously, you will be able to make more profit at each sale. However, hair extensions manufacturers normally require higher minimum order quantities. That means you will need to make larger orders and have an ideal place to store the stock. This leads you to a financial issue upfront. You may need to call for investment from other entrepreneurs or make a bank loan with an interest.

Hair extensions wholesale suppliers

Hair extensions wholesale suppliers purchase hair extensions directly from manufacturers and resell them to smaller businesses. They have the financial capability and facilities to make bulk orders at the lowest price. Although wholesale hair extensions suppliers offer a higher price, you can cut the cost by buying more items. But you will need to make payment upfront to get the hair extensions shipped to your address.

5 tips to identify the best hair extensions supplier for your business

Connect different channels to find suppliers

There are countless ways to find wholesale hair extensions suppliers or manufacturers. And a good way to start your search is with the Google searching engine. Through Google search, you can easily find hair extensions suppliers near you and get their contact info. Many other pieces of information about the suppliers are also available such as websites, reviews, product info, price, etc.

Apart from Google search, you can also find a hair extensions supplier from other resources such as trade shows, online forums, or other businesses in the hair industry. Trade shows are where you can talk to the people in the industry directly. Through the trade shows, you can have a better personal comparison of different hair extensions suppliers.

Online forums are another great way to gather information from those who are looking for a hair extensions supplier. These online forums are also a good source of reference and feedbacks from businesses who have worked with the manufacturers or wholesale human hair extensions suppliers you are interested in.

Search for hair extensions suppliers through different channels
Search for hair extensions suppliers through different channels

Contact your potential hair extensions supplier

Once you have an idea of the wholesale human hair extensions suppliers or manufacturers you would like to cooperate with, you will need to contact them. It’s your choice to send them an email, make a phone call, or visit their store or main office. Whichever way you do, it’s better to be confident and honest about what you are looking for in a hair extensions supplier. You should also cleverly ask them about their company and what they can do for you. Below are some topics you should put into the conversation:

The supplier’s background – how long have they been working in the industry and their reputation

Where do they source their hair? Vietnam, India, China, or Russia?

Types of hair extensions you are interested in selling like keratin bond, clip-in, tape-in, etc.

Placing an order – what will the price for each hair bundle be? What is their minimum order requirement?

What shipping options they are offering? And how long it takes?

Whether they offer return or refund policies

After you contact the supplier, it’s important to follow up with emails or calls closely. So you will not miss any information and can send them a timely response.

Contact your potential hair extensions supplier to gather information
Contact your potential wholesale hair extensions suppliers to gather information

Obtain a sample package

Before deciding on a hair extensions supplier, it’s better to ask them for a sample package. In this way, you can be completely sure about the hair extensions’ quality that they supply. And this also helps you to assess shipping and other aspects of the supplier. Normally, hair extensions suppliers are willing to send samples for free with a shipping fee only. However, in case you want to check all the items that the supplier is selling, you should expect to pay for them. But this investment will bring back you a good hair extensions supplier.

Asking for sample is the best way to check the quality of hair extensions
Asking for samples is the best way to check the quality of hair extensions

Know their scalability clearly

It’s important to determine the flexibility of the hair extensions supplier when it comes to providing small and large orders. If you want to start with small volume orders or prototypes, you should look for the suppliers that offer that quantity. If you grow to require bulk orders over time, it’s a high chance that you will outgrow your supplier. Therefore, checking a hair extensions supplier’s supply capacity before working with them will help you eliminate many troubles.

Supply capacity is an important aspect while considering a hair extensions supplier
Supply capacity is an important aspect while considering a hair extensions supplier

Check their commitment to customer service

Customer service is an important aspect to identify a good supplier for your hair business. You will expect the suppliers are available 24/7 to deal with your problem timely. You can also evaluate their customer service by how they deal with your problem and how they respond to your request. Besides, you will need a deep understanding of the return policy. If you find anything unclear, try to ask them to clarify. You won’t want to be in a passive role if any issue arising later.

So above are some tips to help you identify the best hair extensions supplier for your business. If you work with the right supplier, your business will have a solid foundation to develop. And don’t forget to follow Be9Hair’s blog for more tips and info. Thanks for reading.

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