5 ways to use coconut oil to improve your look

Coconut oil has long been no stranger to beauty believers. However, do they really understand the benefits of coconut oil or simply use coconut oil for any part of the body with the desire to improve their appearance? So what exactly is the effect of coconut oil? How to use them properly? Is coconut oil worthy of its current popularity?

Consulted with the founder of the famous cosmetic brand RMS Beauty – Rose Marie Swift, in addition to the powder products and skin oils, most of the beauty products from RMS Beauty have coconut oil ingredients. Organic. Cosmetics made from organic coconut oil have a high concentration of lauric acid and caprylic acid nearly equivalent to those found in breast milk, supporting antifungal, antibacterial, bactericidal and antiviral properties.

During the production process, to ensure that the used oil retains all of its inherent nutrients, the product will undergo a cold centrifugal production process, which means absolutely no heat is used. With the cold centrifugation method, the ingredients used for processing will retain all their natural revitalizing and antioxidant properties, providing great benefits to the body, especially for sensitive skin types. and easily irritated.

This is the effect of coconut oil when used in cosmetics, but can coconut oil be used in home beauty? ApoGroups gives you a few tips to use coconut oil at home to improve your look.

Choose a brand of coconut oil

Celebrity hairstylist Jason Collier recommends using virgin coconut oil to ensure the ingredients are all natural and safe on your scalp and hair. Virgin coconut oil can be found at any supermarket or convenience store. However, you need to pay attention to the product brand when choosing to buy coconut oil, avoid coconut oil products containing additives or flavorings.

Ways to use coconut oil

According to Frances Prenna Jones, a dermatologist at Mayfair, coconut oil is a great emollient for your skin that lacks its protective layer. Thanks to its ability to easily penetrate the epidermis, coconut oil can quickly form a protective layer and aid in the recovery of skin cells. In addition, coconut oil contains ingredients such as essential vitamin E, amino acids, lauric acid and caprylic acid that help strengthen the skin barrier and keep the skin healthy.

Besides, coconut oil is also a famous hair moisturizer with the ability to nourish dry, lifeless hair, turning dull curls into long, bouncy and shiny hair. Coconut oil can be used for all hair types and skin types, especially naturally curly and dry hair. However, this oil can be quite difficult to deal with in its original form, so you should instead look for coconut oils in a liquid state to ensure deep penetration into the scalp and hair shaft.

Sharing the same opinion with Jones, facialist and laser expert Debbie Thomas said that the main component of coconut oil is saturated fat – an ingredient that plays an important role in skin regeneration and formation. outer protective layer of the skin. Besides, coconut oil also has the ability to supply and moisturize the skin by slowing down the evaporation process, and you do not need to worry about the skin being oily when using it because coconut oil is quite light and has the ability to absorb moisture. fast absorption into the skin.

However, coconut oil or any other oil can cause clogged pores. Therefore, products made from coconut oil in particular or oils in general are not recommended for customers with oily and acne-prone skin. Thomas rated coconut oil’s pore-clogging level as 4/5, which means that regular use of coconut oil has the risk of causing acne or even dermatitis. To avoid unwanted situations when using coconut oil, you should map out for yourself a plan when and how to use coconut oil for yourself.

#1 Use coconut oil to remove makeup

This method is very simple, after applying coconut oil evenly on your face, use a cotton pad to wipe off makeup and clean again with a specialized cleanser for your skin type. This method is called ‘Double cleasing’, which works to help coconut oil work to its full potential without affecting the skin of the face.

#2 Use coconut oil for body lotion

Compared to the skin on the face, the skin on the body is usually less sensitive, so you do not need to be too worried when using coconut oil as a specialized body lotion. On the other hand, thanks to its outstanding antibacterial and antifungal properties, coconut oil is often used especially in nail and hair care. Alternatively, you can also use coconut oil on damp skin after bathing to lock in moisture.

#3 Use coconut oil to massage your face

When massaging the face, use moderate force to press the facial skin to manipulate the skin cells, if the facial skin turns pale pink then it means you have successfully stimulated blood circulation and increased activity. of the lymphatic system.

Note that enough oil should be used to ensure that the facial skin is soft and smooth enough when massaging the face, the massage operations should be even and stable, massage in the direction from bottom to top and from inside to outside to support. Helps tighten facial skin and enhances blood circulation in the skin.

#4 Use coconut oil as a hair mask

If you have damaged or dry hair, using coconut oil as an overnight hair mask is a great idea. Just apply a few tablespoons of coconut oil to your hair, pay attention to the body and the ends of your hair and leave it overnight, you can have incredibly soft hair the next day. Note that you should wash your head in the morning to remove excess oil and avoid clogging pores.

#5 Use coconut oil to nourish your hair

According to hair expert – Sally Ann Tarver, coconut oil can be used as a form of silicone-free hair conditioner and does not weigh the scalp specifically for dry hair.

Note that you should not use too much coconut oil for hair because it can cause oily and itchy scalp. Thick, long and curly hair types can use up to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day. As for thinner and shorter hair, to ensure that the hair is not overloaded, you should only use at most 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day to take care of your hair.

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