6 hairstyles to dominate summer 2020

Minimalist style – minimal aesthetic is without a doubt the most anticipated beauty trend in summer 2020. This trend has not only been enthusiastically driven by women, but also transformed to help thoroughly honor the beauty of women with just a few small but delicate details.

When you have a beautiful hairstyle, you will feel more confident and strong. Consulting with celebrity hairstylist from LA-based Nine Zero One hair salon – Amanda Maynard, hair stylist Philippe Depeyrot and Fekkai brand ambassador – Chad Wood, ApoGroups hopes this article will Partially help you succeed to “F5” yourself with stylish hairstyles that are predicted to dominate summer 2020.

Thin bangs

Philippe Depeyrot, co-owner of the famous hair magazine Bisoux in Washington DC predicts that thinning bangs will make a splash this coming summer. He said this “disorderly” bang would be the perfect choice for girls who are intending to cut their own bangs during the time of social distancing during the epidemic season.

However, you will need to follow certain rules to be able to wear the most perfect thin bangs. Depeyrot says that while thin bangs can suit any face shape, hairdos don’t. For example, if you have cow hair licking, you will not be able to wear bangs, or bangs will not be suitable for those of you with very thin and frizzy hair, because the humidity of the summer will make both the bangs and the hair. Your hair is messy and unsightly.

In addition, Depeyrot also recommends that you consult a professional hairstylist before cutting your hair to make sure you choose the hairstyle that best suits you.

Shaggy hairstyle

The shag, or lion’s mane, is making a comeback and is slowly taking the lead in the current wave of beauty trends, as evidenced by this decade-inspired photo of the lion’s mane. 70s of female singer Selena Gomez has received millions of likes from the online community. Along with that, hairstylist from the top hair salon Nine Zero One – Amber Maynard Bolt also confirmed that this hairstyle will hold the main trend this summer.

Bolt said the trendy shag hairstyle will be a great choice to cover flaws from damaged haircuts to unsuitable hairstyles, besides, this is also the perfect hairstyle to create accents for the face as well as the face. increase hair softness. The shag can be styled in two ways – you can cut the whole head in the traditional way or focus on the front section.

In addition, lion mane hair is also very easy to style. You only need a little conditioner before you style it with a hair gel and hairspray, and you can have the beautiful hair you want.

Lob hairstyle

Lob hair is also one of the hairstyles that is expected to dominate the trend in the summer of 2020. In fact, this has always been one of the most loved hairstyles of a series of famous stars with many times. occupied television waves and attracted much attention from public opinion. Sally Hershberger LA hairstylist Nicole Pascual points out that the ideal hair length for a lob is somewhere between your chin and collarbone or the equivalent of your nape and A-zone.

Bob hairstyle

Similar to lob hair, bob hairstyle also gives you a luxurious and sexy look but has a sharper part. Fekkai brand ambassador Chad Wood thinks that bob hair will have the most spectacular comeback this summer of 2020.

Bob hairstyle is very suitable for girls with heart-shaped or oval faces and people with square faces. This hairstyle has the ability to harmonize overly angular lines on your face and highlight their advantages. In addition, Wood also said that curling or puffing will make the hairstyle even more interesting and attractive.

Cross bangs hairstyle

Depeyrot says the slanted bangs are one of the most requested hairstyles at hair salons. According to him, this hairstyle is both easy to do and can easily be hidden if used for other hairstyles. Moreover, diagonal bangs are also very easy to care for and manage as well as suitable for all face shapes.

Brown hair style

While many people think that light hair is the right choice for S/S seasons, wavy hair is quietly becoming one of the most popular trends today. Krista Depeyrot, co-owner of Bisoux salon in Washington DC also predicts this is a promising color this summer 2020.

Celebrity celebrity hairstylist Garnier Millie Morales also asserts that natural colors like brown will make you more attractive, and that dyeing brown hair also does not require processes such as bleaching or lifting. tones, helping to protect the hair from further damage.

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