A wig distributor serves as

Business secret: 6 steps to become a wig distributor

As the demand for human hair wigs increases strongly, the need for a reliable wig distributor also steps up. Learning how to become a wig distributor can be a profitable business. So if you are considering becoming a wig distributor, there are some essential steps you should follow to start your journey. Let scroll down and find more info.

What is a wig distributor?

Wig or lace wig distributor is an independent business that plays a key role in the movement of wigs from manufacturers to retail consumers. Wig distributors purchase the items from wig manufacturers and store them in their warehouse. They will then resell the wigs to smaller businesses. You probably think that a wig distributor only serves as a wig wholesale distributor. That they only provide their wigs to retailers, salons, etc. But in fact, they can also be a retail distributor who sells their wigs directly to consumers.

A wig distributor serves as a bridge between manufacturer and buyer
A wig distributor serves as a bridge between manufacturer and buyer

How to become a wig distributor?

Conduct a market research

The first step to become a distributor is to identify the market for wigs in your country or the regions you want to serve. You will need to know the demands of the consumers, the current trends in the wig market, average price, where the hair is sourced, suppliers, etc. After that, put everything into consideration and decide on the products you are going to sell and your target market. You can then develop a clearer plan for your business.

Register your hair business legally

To operate legally, you must have a business registration license for your business. Depending on the country that your business is located, you will have to prepare special documents for licensing applications. If your business is in a foreign country, it will be better to have a lawyer help you deal with the paperwork and procedure.

Registering your hair business whether you work inside or outside your country is also a way to avoid many risks in the future. Furthermore, a lot of wig manufacturers and buyers require their distributors to provide legal documentation, including a business license, before start cooperating. Accordingly, owning a business license will help you to increase your credibility with partners.

Register a legal license for yoru business to avoid risks in the future
To be a legal wig wholesale distributor, you need to register your business to avoid risks in the future

Find wig suppliers and manufacturers

After establishing your business as a legal entity, you should start to look for a wig supplier or manufacturer. There are numerous human hair wig suppliers out there. You can easily find them through Alibaba or Google search. However, to pick the best one for your business, there are several factors you should consider as follows:


Checking the information of the wigs from the suppliers’ websites is not enough to verify their quality. It’s better to ask for some samples from your potential suppliers. Then, test the wigs by applying, dyeing, and styling them. After that, choose the one that is most satisfactory to you. Be9Hair’s human hair wigs are sourced in Vietnam with smooth and silky tresses to secure a stunning look. We always welcome free sample requests from customers to check the quality before working with us.

Searching for video feedbacks of the suppliers is another way to identify their quality. However, for human hair wigs, there will not be a big difference in the quality between suppliers. Therefore, you can put some other aspects into consideration such as packaging, quality control, delivery time, and customer service.


As a wig wholesale distributor, you always want to look for a supplier which offers high volume orders at the lowest price possible. And by that way, you can maximize your profit. But to ensure the quality of the wigs, you will need to make a comparison between some suppliers. Then, choose the one with the quality and price that suits you best.

Hair factory

If you are going to work with a wig manufacturer, let ask for information about their factory such as their scale, number of employees, production capacity. If possible, it’s best to visit the factory personally. So you can have the right evaluation and connect with more people from the manufacturer.

Be9Hair's factory with the modern machinery and skilled worker
Be9Hair’s factory with the modern machinery and skilled workers supply high-quality wigs to the international market

Payment and shipping

A supplier or manufacturer who offers various payment and shipping channels is more favorable to work with. You should ask the supplier what payment and shipping methods they are using to see if they are available in your country. Also, let ask them to clarify the terms of payment and refund policy clearly. If there is any misunderstanding, you may risk losing money during the process.

Apply as a wig distributor

Once you decide on a wig supplier you are going to cooperate with, you should apply to be a distributor with them. Each wig company has a separate application procedure. However, normally they will all require you to go through an application process. They may require a personal meeting, facility checking, financial statement analysis, etc. Through that process, wig suppliers can assess whether you are a good fit for them.

Also, please note that many wig manufacturers require their distributors to purchase their items exclusively. So you will need to consider carefully before making an application. If you want to work with more than a supplier, it’s better to work with those who allow you to purchase from different suppliers.

Promote your business through various channels

And now it’s time for your marketing team to work. To make all the customers know the hair you are selling, you should plan a detailed marketing strategy and follow it. There are now countless online and offline marketing methods. So don’t concentrate on just a single one. It’s better to promote your business through different channels to gain the best result.

Set up a marketing strategy to promote your business
Set up a marketing strategy to promote your business

Build relationship

After you start working with a supplier, you should work purposefully to maintain a good relationship with them. As a lace wig distributor, your business will go around the suppliers and buyers. Therefore, building a strong relationship with them is important to keep your business develop and earn more profit.

So this is our guide on how to become a wig distributor. At Be9Hair, we don’t require any charge to be our wig distributor. We apply a simple but effective application procedure for our clients. So if you are finding a wig manufacturer with stunning quality and service, let contact Be9Hair to get the best support.

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