7 factors to define a good weave hair wholesale

Evaluating a weave hair wholesale before cooperating is the best way to select the right supplier for your retailing business. It also helps you to ensure there will be no interruption in your supply chain. Although it’s important to verify a hair weave wholesale, many hair businesses still fail to take this step. One of the reasons is that they are not sure what criteria should they set to get the most objective and accurate results. The following article summarizes 7 evaluation criteria that every retailer needs to know to be able to choose a reliable partner!

1. The reputation of the weave hair wholesale

When evaluating a hair weave wholesale, the reputation of that wholesaler is the first factor you should put into consideration. It’s also the decisive element that determines whether you should work with that wholesaler or distributor. To know if a wholesaler is reputable, we recommend you to pay attention to several aspects as follows:

  • Clear information: Does the provider actually exist; their address, contact info, and business license
  • Transparency in cooperation: Do your potential wholesale hair weave distributors ensure the quality of their hair products and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with partners?
  • Review of legal issues: View legal proceedings related to past and present contracts of the weave hair wholesalers and distributors; Is the weave hair wholesale legal compliance guaranteed?
Reputation of your weave hair wholesale is the first factor to put into consideration
Reputation of your weave hair wholesale is the first factor to put into consideration

2. Weave hair quality of the human hair weave wholesale

To gain customers’ trust and develop your business, you need to have a guarantee for the quality of your hair products. Therefore, your potential human hair weave wholesale must ensure the quality of their weave hair meets your requirements.

Below are some factors to evaluate the quality of the wholesaler:

  • Features: Are the types of weave hair right for what your business needs? It may include color, texture, length, and softness. Can it be re-dyed? Does the weave hair become dry and lose color after washing?
  • Reliability: Where do they source their hair? You are looking for a Brazilian hair weave wholesale, but does it really offer Brazilian hair? Does their human weave hair is mixed with synthetic fibers? Our tip is testing the hair using a heated flat iron.
  • Durability: Is their weave hair long-lasting? Mixed hair with the cuticle in different directions and over-processed weave hair does not have a long lifespan.
  • Suitability: Does the weave hair meets the required technical description of your business?
  • Serviceability: Is the operation and warranty of the wholesale hair weave distributors is good?
  • Aesthetics: Do the look and feel of the hair products and their packaging meet your requirements?
  • Perceived quality: Are the images of the weave hair nice-looking from the point of view of your business’s customers or other partners of that wholesale?
It's important to check the quality of the wholesaler you are interested in.
It’s important to check the quality of the hair weave wholesale you are interested in.

3. Delivery performance of the weave hair wholesale

It is the delivery performance of the weave hair wholesale that determines the business plan of your enterprise. Therefore, your potential wholesaler needs to ensure and has credibility in the delivery time and quantity of their hair products.

Below are some elements to evaluate the delivery performance of your wholesaler:

  • Order fulfillment time: The time starting from when you place the order to the time the wholesaler delivers the goods to your business.
  • Delivery Reliability: Guaranteed delivery time as agreed.
  • Delivery guarantee: Delivering the right type of weave hair, quality, and quantity according to the order.
  • Information update: Regular update between the weave hair wholesale and your business during the delivery process.
  • Adaptability: Your wholesaler’s ability to adapt to the requirements of your business.
  • Flexibility: The ability to supply hair products when the relevant conditions change.
  • Service level: How well the weave hair wholesale supports your business.
A wholesaler wih great delivery performance will help your business plan go smoothly.
A wholesaler with great delivery performance will help your business plan go smoothly.

4. Prices and payment method

 Price and payment method directly affect the purchasing power and profitability of your business. So how to smartly buy wholesale hair weave? Among two wholesalers with the same quality and performance of products and services, the one with the cheaper price will bring more profit to your business.

Below are the factors to evaluate the price of a hair weave wholesale:

  • Competition: The price should be comparable to that of other wholesalers offering similar weave hair. You should have quotes from many wholesalers for better comparison and evaluation.
  • Stability: The price should be reasonably stable over time, or price changes should not too significant.
  • Accuracy: The price stated in the order and the invoice should be the same (if there is any change, it should be just a small difference)
  • Price change: The wholesaler needs to send you a notification when there is a price change.
Price and payment method
Price and payment method of your wholesaler directly affect your profitability and purchasing power.
  • Cost Sensitivity: Your weave hair wholesale should know the need for cost-reducing from smaller businesses like yours. So, it’s would be great if they also proactively propose options to cut costs.
  • Payment transparency: The average time it takes to receive a credit note should be reasonable. The estimated cost should not change significantly from the final invoice. The invoices of your wholesaler should be timely and easy to read and understand.

Besides the price, the payment method is another criterion you need to pay attention to. Let ask your potential wholesalers if they allow you to pay in multiple times or only once? The flexible payment method ensures the solvency of your business. And at the same time, it provides enough money for the wholesaler to conduct their business activities.

5. Customer service

Customer service is an essential factor while evaluating and choosing a weave hair wholesale. It can be reflected through how they support you before, during, and after the order. Especially, in cases where problems arise such as product defects, quality assurance, lack of orders.

To achieve the best evaluation, you should pay attention to the quality of the support, the attitude of the wholesaler, the response time to support requests, the qualifications of the support staff, etc.

Evaluating customer service of your wholesaler through how they support you
Evaluating customer service of your wholesaler through how they support you

6. Sustainability and permanence of your weave hair wholesale

To create a long-term and sustainable competitive advantage for your business, you should also focus on the permanence and sustainability of wholesale suppliers.

A long-term relationship with a trustworthy wholesale helps to stabilize the operation of your business, minimize the costs of finding new suppliers as well as the potential risks of not understanding the operation process and product quality of another wholesaler. Once you build a long-term relationship with your weave hair wholesaler, you can earn preferential discounts for your next orders, bringing cost efficiency to your business.

Building a long-term relationship with your wholesaler is a way to stabilize the operation of your business
Building a long-term relationship with your wholesaler is a way to stabilize the operation of your business

7. Financial risk

The financial stability of the wholesalers will determine whether they will continue to be a reliable partner and that supply will not be interrupted as a result of financial risk.

To put it in a nutshell, the above article has summarized 7 essential evaluation criteria to choose a wholesaler. However, to evaluate a wholesaler according to the 7 criteria above, you need to make sure of the accuracy and transparency of your wholesaler. And if you are wondering where to buy wholesale weave hair, let Be9Hair accompany you and be your friend on the path of developing your business.

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