How to become a weave hair distributor

7 steps to become a weave hair distributor

With the explosion of hair extensions in general and weave hair in particular for beauty demand, hair extensions have become a high-grossing industry. Entering this business will bring you great profit. But how to become a hair weave distributor? This article will help you with 7 steps to successfully join the hair extensions business.

The great potentials of becoming a weave hair distributor

As stated, the market size for human hair weave and hair extensions is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 8.8% over the next five years. And its turnover will reach $2,240 million by 2024. Men and women use weave hair and other kinds of hair extensions not only for hair loss issues or health problems. Today, people use weave hair as a beauty accessory and a way to protect their hair from chemicals and heat styling. They create different trendy hairstyles that they can’t do on their hair with the hairpieces.

That is to say, if you start a business in the hair extensions industry, you can expect a lucrative career path. As the demand for weave increases, retail businesses will look for a good weave hair distributor to ensure the supply chain.

Entering hair extensions industry as a weave hair distributor can be a lucrative career path
Entering the hair extensions industry as a weave hair distributor can be a lucrative career path.

7 steps to enter the business as a hair weave distributor

Defining your customers

As a hair weave distributor, your clients will include hair extensions wholesalers and retailing businesses.

  • Retail hair businesses: This includes salons, wig makers, and hair extensions stores.
  • Hair extensions wholesalers: In the hair industry, there will be times that your customers cannot buy weave directly from the manufacturer. This is because of the already established business agreements with other hair extensions wholesalers. Accordingly, selling between wholesalers is a common practice.

It’s also important to define your target market, like the high-end or medium market, to narrow your potential customers. In this way, you can start your business quickly and more efficiently.

Define your target market to focus on the potential customers
Define your target market to focus on the potential customers

Make a detailed business plan

A business plan serves as an important and strategic tool for any business. A specific plan will help you focus on the necessary steps to make your business profitable. Moreover, it helps you achieve short-term and long-term objectives. There are several factors you should concentrate on making a good plan.

  • Functional: Ask yourself if your plan is what you will actually use to guide your hair business.
  • Measurable: Measure your goals like revenue and cash flow will help you to keep track of your business progress.
  • Flexible: It is better to set up quarterly meetings to determine how your business is performing compared to the goals you have set. If your business targets have changed due to the business climate, you should update them in your plan.
  • Reasonable: Budgeting is an essential factor in your business plan. You will need to take into account all of your operating expenses and predicted revenue. Also, you should be reasonable when doing so. The reason is that it is difficult to get a large amount of money within a short period, especially if you didn’t anticipate it.
  • Anticipatory: You should conduct thorough research of your target market. And at the same time, get ready to answer any questions or foresee potential difficulties.
It's important to set up a specify business plan to operate your business
It’s important for a weave hair distributor to set up a specific business plan to operate their business.

Find a weave hair manufacturer

A good manufacturer is a key element that determines your business’s success. Many entrepreneurs are struggling to find a good supplier, and many have given up their business idea since they can’t find the right one. Therefore, you should carefully research a weave hair vendor.

You can easily have a list of weave hair and hair extensions manufacturers via Google search, Amazon, or Alibaba. After that, let narrow down your choices and contact each of them to gather more info. Collect their reviews and reference from their partners to evaluate their reliability. You should also ask for some sample weave hair from your potential suppliers to test the quality.

You may find a lot of suppliers offer the quality you want. But at the end of the day, as a weave hair distributor, your target is to make a profit margin. Therefore, let compare the price of the manufacturers you are interested in. Then, choose a hair vendor that suits you most.

But how to ask a weave hair company to be a distributor? You should make a phone call or send them an email to get instructions. Many manufacturers might require a thorough application verification process before working with you. But as for Be9Hair, we support our clients with a quick and standard procedure to ease the process.

Set up an online store

Since online shopping is increasing year on year, you should also set up an e-commerce website to sell your hair items. An e-commerce website allows you to employ various marketing and sales methods, thereby giving visitors an extra reason to stay on your website and buy your products. It also helps your clients approach you easier and have a more convenient shopping experience.

While setting up your website, you should focus on the interface of your web, the product’s images, videos, and descriptions. The nicer your website looks, the more web traffic you can gain.

Having an ecommerce-website will bring you great benefits
Having an e-commerce website will bring you great benefits.

Find a location

Apart from having an online store, a weave hair distributor needs to find a place to stock the hair items. It depends on your budget to rent or buy premises. However, your warehouse should not be too expensive nor too far from your office and shopping areas. And you should also consider your inventory to decide on how large your warehouse should be.

As a hair weave distributor, you need to find a place to store your products
As a hair weave distributor, you need to find a place to store your products.

Getting enough inventory

In your early days entering the business, you may not keep a large inventory to avoid financial risks. However, as your business grows, it’s better to stock larger inventory. If you don’t have enough inventory upon the clients’ requests, they will search for other distributors. On the other hand, buying too much inventory will result in a lot of capital tied up.

Don't risk keeping excess inventory
Don’t risk keeping excess inventory.

Offer the best customer service

Your customer service decides whether your customers want to come back to your business. How you support them will determine their shopping behavior. And it does not only include your service during the sale but also before and after it.

You should always be friendly and professional while answering their questions. Give them a prompt response and listen to their needs and problems. Show your enthusiasm in solving their issue and don’t forget to give them frequent updates. You can also ask for their feedback and make use of it to improve your customer service.

Try your best to support customers to increase your repeat customer rate.
Try your best to support customers to increase your repeat customer rate.

Above is our 7-step guide on how to become a hair weave distributor. And if are finding a weave hair supplier, let be Be9Hair’s partner by becoming our strategic distributor.

Besides human hair wigs, Be9Hair also provides our own weave hair and other pieces for wig-making. We have been exported premium hair items to the international market for more than 20 years. And as a leading wig and weave manufacturer in Asia, Be9Hair secures a stunning supply capacity to meet any order request. So, why not contact us now to start your new business?

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