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How to verify a hair extensions manufacturer?

So you have finally made an awesome decision to enter the hair extensions industry. And you are so ready to get started now. But, how do you find a good hair extensions manufacturer? It’s not easy to make a transition from ideas to physical products. Finding the right source of human hair extensions for your business, in today’s global economy, requires a lot of researches. Many entrepreneurs lose traction and give up on their business idea since they don’t have a reputable supplier for their hair business. And we are here to help you find the best wholesale human hair extensions manufacturers.

Check the background of the hair extensions manufacturer

Through the search engines like Google or Bing and many B2B marketplaces, you can find a lot of human and remy hair extension manufacturers. And now it’s time to check their background to avoid scammers. If possible, you should ask for customer references from your potential manufacturers. Yet, this is only a subtle part of your verification process. The reasons are many manufacturers can fake their references while some will never agree to share their customers’ info.

You may find comments of the users or businesses who have worked with the hair extensions manufacturer on B2B marketplaces or their social networks. Try to contact them and ask them how long they have been working with that manufacturer. It’s also better to ask them to identify the supplier’s strengths and weaknesses.

Try to connect with other businesses who works with the manufacturer
Try to connect with other businesses who work with the manufacturer

Get a sample

Ask for a sample package, even if you have to pay for it, is the best way to check the hair extensions’ quality. Once you receive the sample, you should apply it to your head and test it with heat styling or dying to ensure the hair extensions are exactly what you are looking for.

Furthermore, if you have to pay for the sample order, make sure to insist on wiring money to your potential supplier’s company bank account. If they can’t provide you that info, it’s probably they are not serious about doing business.

Apply and test the hair extensions sample to identify the quality
Apply and test the hair extensions sample to identify the quality

Money matters

Regarding payment procedure, you can ask the remy hair extensions manufacturer if you can get your packages picked up by your local agent from their address. And they will pay cash on delivery. There’s a high chance that only real legit wholesale hair extensions manufacturers agree on this request.

Additionally, reliable manufacturers always work with popular payment channels like PayPal or Master Card that allow you to trace wire service transfers. You should always be cautious with making transfers through strange channels for the suppliers you don’t know.

Make sure you know the money transfer method clearly
Make sure you know the money transfer method clearly

Make a factory visit

It’s normal if you don’t want to spend your time visiting the factory if you just make a $2,000 order. However, if you intend to make larger orders and work with that hair extension manufacturer for the long term, it’s important to visit their factory.

The hosts often want to impress you if you visit the factory by yourself. So, let try your best to observe, inspect and evaluate the situation and the overall environment. But in case you cannot personally visit the factory, you can try to pay for a third-party quality assurance firm. They can help you with a quality audit.

Visit the hair factory to verify if the manufacturer is trustworthy
Visit the hair factory to verify if the manufacturer is trustworthy

Hold a face-to-face meeting with the wholesale hair extensions manufacturers

Let’s say you can take your time to visit your human extensions manufacturers. It may not be a good idea to visit 2-3 factories within a day. Instead, you should invest your time to get to know a manufacturer that seems to be a good fit for your business.

If you encounter any problems down the road, you can’t only look for the sales staff. That’s the reason why you should spend time socializing to know a few more people in that hair factory, especially the managers. Also, approaching the people of the hair extensions manufacturer is the shortest way to gather information. Ideally, you can invite them for a dinner in an informal setting.

A closeup face-to-face meeting is where you can dig more info
A closeup face-to-face meeting is where you can dig more info

End your verification

If everything runs smoothly until the end, that means you will have one best human or remy hair extensions manufacturer to use for trial orders. And you also have some other candidates to keep as backups.

Choosing the right hair extensions manufacturer is undeniably the determining factor for your business to succeed. And if you are looking for a trustworthy supplier, Be9hair ensures to meet any requirement that you need for your verification. We are always transparent in any business move we take. Moreover, as a top wigs and human hair extensions manufacturer in the world, Be9hair offers a stunning worldwide production capacity. We can deal with any order request. Be9hair always strives to bring the highest quality wigs and hair extensions to the international market. We do our best to satisfy every buyer. So, why not contact Be9hair now and grasp the key to success?

And above are the tips to verify if a hair extensions manufacturer is good to work with.  We hope that they are useful to you when starting a new business. Thanks for reading.

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