APO Groups: Mid-time exercise, soccer competition

Corporate culture has always been considered a key factor, an invaluable spiritual asset, contributing to strengthening and improving corporate culture for the company.

The role of fitness – sport for APO Groups

Being well aware of the important role of employees in business development, APO Groups always tries to give each of its members not only a comfortable working space, ensuring adequate material and spirit but also strive to improve the quality of life for employees with physical training and sports activities. From the perspective of APO Groups, we believe that, through collective exercise activities, the relationship between departments as well as individuals will be improved, thereby strengthening cooperation and enhancing internal exchanges. between groups and departments within the company.


Football competition activities

Along with the attention of the company’s leadership, cultural – physical training – sports activities are increasingly developed and replicated, attracting a large number of employees under the company, contributing to creating a atmosphere of excitement, improving the health and spiritual life of the employees. At APO Groups, every month, employees will have the opportunity to participate in sports training with football.


In addition, equipment, costumes as well as facilities and yards are always invested by our company to ensure absolute safety for participants. To motivate employees to participate in physical training and sports, our company chooses the form of competition, with prizes ranging from first, second, third to consolation prize, as the main form of exercise. Thereby successfully creating a healthy playground, significantly improving the quality of health and spiritual life for employees.

Fitness activities in the middle of the day

In addition to the monthly football competition activities, APO Groups also dedicates 15-20 minutes a day for mid-time exercises, in order to maintain weekly practice for employees. It can be said that mid-day fitness activities have gradually become one of the most typical features in the corporate culture of APO Groups. The most special thing in such sports activities is probably the presence of directors and company leaders.

At APO Groups family, the Board of Directors always upholds the individual values ​​of each employee and is well aware of the importance of sports, thereby always participating and spending time exercising with the employees. pellets.

Sports activities show corporate culture APO Groups


Organizing sports activities, football as well as gymnastics in the middle of the day not only shows concern for employees, but also shows the healthy corporate culture of APO Groups. Here, we always appreciate the presence and collective spirit of each employee in the company. This is the traditional beauty in the company’s culture, demonstrating the company’s creative ability in improving the spirit of solidarity and cohesion among departments in the company, while improving physical strength and training. health, study according to the example of the great President Ho Chi Minh to increase labor productivity and fulfill business and production targets well.

We hope that, after mid-time physical training activities and football matches, APO Groups’ sport movement will develop more and more to become a bright spot in building corporate culture and become a company’s development agency.

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