Be9’s beautiful headquarter office walkthrough: Who we are and what we do

Even though Be9 is a young brand, we are a company built with a lot of enthusiasm and expertise within the hair extensions business. If you are wondering what we are all about and how do we operate from our lovely office in Hanoi? Let’s continue reading if you are ready to find out more about us and the beautiful space we inhabit to deliver the highest quality hair extensions to you.

Who are we-Be9?

Who are we-Be9?
Who are we-Be9?

We are a young brand of natural human hair extensions. Even though we are spanking new and just getting started, we already received so much love and attention from customers from all around the world. If you are keen on getting the best high-quality hair extensions from a highly experienced manufacturer, you should definitely check out Be9’soffering. We specialize in hair weaves and hair wigs and all kinds of hair extensions to help women all over the world feel confident and pretty. 

Where are we located?

We are located at HD Mon, Nam Tu Liem district in Hanoi. Our office space is large and filled with amazing sunshine. Many guests are amazed at the Hanoi skyline when they come to visit us in our building.

Where are we located
Where are we located?

Our office is in a large building in the up-and-coming Nam Tu Liem neighborhood. This prime location of the office guarantees that all of the hair shipments can come and go conveniently and our employees also benefited and enjoyed the various modern amenities and ancillary utilities that this neighborhood provided.

Be9's Office
Be9’s Office

Even though we follow an open office plan, employees always comment that they love the friendly and calm atmosphere. There is a lot of flexibility for our employees in working conditions. Many sales agents can work from home and/or enjoy the generous maternity leave program at the company. 

Our Milestones

Even though Be9 is a new brand that just started being in operation in 2012, it has been a dream of our founders for a long time. We are established to help business owners and hair salons in America and Africa to get the best products at the most affordable price. Due to our specialty in serving these two markets, we have the cultural sensitivity and expertise to help you get the best kind of products, matching perfectly to your needs.

Be9 Hair Extensions
Be9 Hair Extensions

Since then our hair extensions factory has supplied almost 5 tons of product per month. We also help create 300 local jobs, which boost the local economic scene and help to provide rural women with a stable form of livelihood. 

What does a normal day at our office look like?

A normal day at the office starts at 8. Due to our central location, the office quickly became busy and filled with chatter. We quickly settle in for work, answer clients from all over the world, prepare training, and attend meetings.

What does a normal day at our office look like
What does a normal day at our office look like

At 10 pm, we stop for a short break. This is the time our employees use to quickly revitalize their energy and follow some basic movement to release stress and enhance our energy. This is also a great chance for us to bond with people in different departments.

At 12, we stop for lunch and catch up on some naps. We prioritize nap time so that our employees can stay happy and productive. In the afternoon, our sales agents try their hardest to finish up customer service tasks and finish their report. Then we check up on the products and then send them to our logistic partner. By 4 pm all of our products would be picked up by companies that take care of logistics. We finish our workday at 5 and may stop for a yoga break. At Be9, our employees love the daily yoga challenge since this form of meditation keeps us grounded and happy.

What services do we offer?

We have an extensive set of customer services that we offer to our clients and customers. Our sales agents are very quick and speedy in resolving all forms of questions and inquiries. 

As we specialize in serving American and African markets, we have a deep understanding of the needs and market we serve. Here are some facts you should know when working with Be9.

  • Our shipment method are: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Agent
  • You can quickly reach our hotline through the phone icon so that all of your inquiries and concerns can be process quickly
  • All items with valid claims will be eligible for full refunds. Check out our returns policy.
  • We offer images and product matching services. We always strive to use pictures that represent our products accurately. If watching our videos and images doesn’t help you with the right option, you should talk directly with our team for an accurate matching service.
  • We always make sure you know where your orders are and what is their status. We provide warehouse-to-doorstep visibility for you.
  • We offer attractive pricing for bulk orders. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.
  • We can also offer custom tags and packaging for the products you require from us. We have had a wonderful track record in helping our clients realize their business dream with the most streamlined process.

Why choose to work with Be9?

Be9 is proud to be a trusted partner to many hair extension brands, hair salons, and boutiques worldwide. If you love the best quality and want to make sure that your hair is of the highest quality, then you can definitely choose Be9. We guarantee the most ethically sourced hair material. All of our products are of premium quality. Our beloved hair products make sure that the hair causes no damage to one’s natural hair and scalp health and add instant length and volume to women who might need a bit of help.


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