Growing and serving global customers sustainably: Be9’s new Hair Extension factory announcement

As a young hair extension brand and a hair factory with lots of dreams, Be9 hair extension factory has always worked with our partners, suppliers, and customers to deliver the best hair extensions to women who need to address their hair concerns. As our experience deepens and our service expands, we find a new chapter to write in our journey to become the best Vietnamese hair extensions brand.

Scaling up our business as per the demand of our clients

In our 9 years of existence, we have served clients from more than 100 countries and have made many strong solid business connections with clients all over the world. We felt like after almost a decade of product development and refining our manufacturing process as well as nurturing talents within our team, the time for us has come to invest in a new foundation for our hair extension business and scale up our own operations.

Be9 hair extension factory
Be9 hair extension factory

This is why in 2020, our Founder has announced the plan to open up a new hair extension factory in Nam Dinh province of Vietnam. We count ourselves lucky to bring you this news as our current production situation can not keep up with the continuous demand that keeps pouring into our company in Hanoi.

What are all the steps within a hair extension factory?

To produce a piece of hair weave, wig, or hair weft, there can be many steps involved.

First of all, when the hair source material arrives at our factory, we need to wash the hair carefully to remove all debris and contamination. The hair will then be dried by machine and then hanged to be dried. This whole washing and drying process is absolutely critical in helping the hair become silky, smooth, and free from troubles like dirt or lice.

The next step in hair manufacturing is to dye the hair.

The dyeing process
The dyeing process

The dyeing process is very labor-intensive and required skilled technicians to produce the best color. We hope with our new factory plan and with more investment into the technology, we can offer our customers even more precise colors, combinations, and techniques.

After the hair was dyed with the correct colors, washed, and cleaned, the hair will then be drawn on a drawing board to extract the right length for the hair extension products. This is the process where we produce hair extensions of different lengths and grades. Understanding this process will help you clearly see where the terms double drawn, single drawn and other terms originate.

We produce hair extensions of different lengths and grades
We produce hair extensions of different lengths and grades

If a drawing board is where we sort the hair into bundles, a ventilation workshop is where we created wigs and lace frontal and all other lace products. From the hands of our skilled Vietnamese women, women around the world now can enjoy beautiful natural hairlines that are also affordable and have great value.

Another important step in making hair extensions is the sewing machine section of the factory. This is where our single and double weft tracks are made. With a strong emphasis on quality and precision, all of the machine wefts are monitored closely to ensure they are strong and robust, ready for your next sew-in.


Building a sustainable future by taking care of our employees

As the factory is where our workers, technicians, and artisans convene,  we have connected a whole community of hair extensions artisans that span across generations.  The surrounding villages have seen dramatic social and economic growth all thanks to the growing demand and continuous support and orders from our partner. For our founders and managers, the well-being of the individual and the community should go hand in hand with the growth of our company.

Major investment for a better future for all of our partners

The new hair factory will quadruple in size and will become operational in 2022. The 1-hectare hair extension plant will achieve the production capacity of 5 tons of hair extensions per month – making us a major player in the hair extensions space.

As Be9’s process becomes more and more professional and our scale becomes even bigger, we commit to keeping our hair material source at the same impeccable standard. As this is the pillar of our business, the hair material source is always upheld and respected so that our hair product’s quality doesn’t have to suffer.

We hope that with the new scale and major investment being made, our new plan will mean faster, more precise, and even higher quality hair extension solutions to your business needs.


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