Business criteria of APO Groups

APO Import-Export Joint Stock Company (APO Groups) was established on September 10, 2011, formerly known as a professional enterprise in the field of manufacturing hair extensions and wigs in Vietnam since 1990. .

APO Groups is currently acting as one of the leading enterprises of Vietnam in the industry of manufacturing and importing and exporting wigs and hair extensions. With the slogan “Prestige is more precious than gold”, we always strive to improve product quality, creating an ecosystem of the most complete products. In addition, APO Groups is also proud to be the company that achieved the largest number of Vietnamese hair exports to foreign markets within many years. (2011-2015)


Besides, with more than 25 years of experience in the hair production industry, APOGroups has successfully built a solid foundation, as well as owns a team of more than two hundred employees, including workers. Factory and office staff are carefully selected, professionally trained, always creative and extremely dedicated. Up to now, we are honored and proud to export our products to customers in 120 different countries. The goal for this year of APOGroups is to expand the market to other regions on the world map.

Regarding business criteria, APO Groups set for themselves 3 criteria:

  • Customers are the first concern: APOGroups always puts themselves in the position of customers. Thereby conducting survey of customer trends in many fields to bring the best service to customers.
  • Continuous development: We are constantly learning and trying to make the best products and offer many product offers. APO Groups also strives to be on par with leading enterprises in the global market.
  • High quality: We always ensure all goods are up to standard with the highest quality. In addition, APO Groups products are always made from carefully selected ingredients. Since then, our products have also met international standards for APO trademark compliance.

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