Busy International Children’s Day 1/6 at ApoGroups

To add positive energy and bring new vitality, with the approval of the leadership, on June 1, 2020, APO import and export joint stock company organized a program to celebrate the International Day. Children are only for children who are children of officials and employees working at the company.


After a long pause of activities to strengthen corporate culture due to the influence of Covid-19, ApoGroups chose International Children’s Day June 1, 2020 to open the next collective activities of the company. International Children’s Day, also known as Children’s Day, is held for children, for the future generation of mankind, and also to remind people to better protect and take care of children.


On this day, everyone joins to promote exchange and mutual understanding among children, while enhancing the development of well-being and promoting the well-being of the world’s children. International Children’s Day 1/6 is not simply a day to celebrate and play for children, but also to bring awareness to children around the globe. It can be said that this is a holiday that plays a huge role in the development of corporate culture at ApoGroups .


Organizing the International Children’s Festival 1/6 has become an annual activity at the company. We hope that by giving our children the most meaningful wishes and gifts, ApoGroups can show our care for them, as well as express our gratitude to all employees. members have been contributing to the company. At the party, on behalf of the company’s staff, we gave the children the most practical and meaningful gifts, in order to reward the children’s achievements in the past semester as well as express our thanks. to the dedication from the parents of the children.

We hope that activities like this will partly show the appropriate attention and timely encouragement of ApoGroups management to all employees working here, and we also hope Hope they will become good role models for their children in the future.

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