Care for stroking hair in winter

It is not natural that girls can own a strong hair. In winter, the weather is often dry, which is the main cause of hair dryness and breakage, so paying attention to hair care is the optimal solution for your hair. So how to take care of smooth hair even in this cold and dry rainy condition? Please refer to the hair care tips below to be able to own smooth and super smooth hair this winter.

Wash your hair with warm water

In fact, not washing your hair properly is one of the causes of hair loss, so even if the weather is cold, you still need to maintain the habit of washing your hair in the winter. Researchers have shown that washing hair with warm water, the temperature is from 40-45 degrees Celsius can help open the pores to help blood circulation and effectively remove dirt.

You can choose shampoo products with natural and herbal flavors such as locust, betel nut or grapefruit leaf. Not only gives a gentle fragrance to the hair, but also gives a shiny hair

Use conditioner and moisturizer properly

Especially in winter, incubating hair with conditioner will help keep the hair moist and strong. The habit of applying conditioner to the entire hair shaft can cause hair to be greasy and sticky. In case your hair is dry and broken, it is recommended to leave the conditioner in place for at least 30 minutes before washing it with clean water.

Before going to bed, you can moisturize your hair by applying essential oils to your hair to make it softer and smoother. The habit of applying essential oils to your hair is just as important as using a moisturizer on your face.

Limit the use of heat and dryer

This solution applies not only to winter, but also to all 4 seasons of the year. The heat from hair dryers or hair dryers dehydrates the hair, making it prone to damage and split ends. It is best to let your hair dry naturally and limit the use of curlers and straighteners.

In addition, you can also use a hood or towel when bathing with hot water to protect your shiny hair.

Use the right comb

Changing the habit of using a comb is one of the simple but important notes for your hair. In the dry and cold season, hair is often frizzy and tangled, so plastic and air-toothed combs will easily cause hair to fall out due to the cold.

You should use round, wide-toothed wooden combs to comb your hair. This comb has both soft spikes to massage the scalp and helps increase blood circulation.

Use natural hair masks

In addition to the familiar measures mentioned above, you can also make your own hair mask with natural ingredients, providing nutrients for your hair. On winter days, the scalp is often prone to dryness and itching due to lack of moisture. Hair masks from nature will help make hair soft, naturally shiny.

Winter hair care tips are extremely simple but effective. So keep in mind the above notes of APO Groups and apply to keep your hair shiny and smooth this winter.

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