What is the difference between Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair?

Vietnamese hair is softer and tends to be more naturally straight while Cambodian hair is coarser and lighter than Vietnamese hair.

What is non-remy hair, remy hair, virgin hair?

– Non-remy hair is collected from the floors of temples and hair salons. The directions of the epidermis become mixed, messed up and fibrous. To disguise this, the hair will undergo an acid bath to completely peel off the cuticle, similar to if you let your hair loose about a dozen times.
– Remy hair: each bundle is different from 3-4 people mixed together, but all remy hair bundles have the same cuticle direction.
– Virgin hair is the hair of a single girl, cuticles aligned.

Is it 100% non-blend, no animal hair fillers?

It's 100% human hair like our natural hair.

Remy hair or virgin hair?

We have both fluff and virgin hair. Remy hair is hair mixed from many donors, so each bundle is 100 grams and the original hair is a special type for you to bleach and dye yourself when you receive it.

How long will the hair last?

At least 1 year, with careful care you can use it longer.