Causes of 3 scalp problems

Most people assume that scalp problems such as dryness, itching, or dandruff all share the same symptom. However, in reality, each of these problems has its own symptoms, causes, and treatment. And the reason the above myths often arise is because although there are different symptoms and treatments, these 3 problems are closely related. For example, a dry scalp can cause dandruff…

If you often have a scalp problem, scratching your head constantly and dandruff often appears on your shoulders, don’t worry because not only you but also many other people are also having a headache because of this problem. Dry, itchy or dandruff-prone oily skin is not only inconvenient but also unpopular in the crowd. So, as one of the businesses specializing in hair, through this article, ApoGroups points out the causes of 3 common multi-head problems with the desire to partly help you get rid of the hassles of hair extensions. This problem.

Scalp problem 1: Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common problems on the scalp, dandruff is actually dead cells that fall from the scalp and cause itchy scalp and even dermatological diseases, such as dermatitis. seborrheic dermatitis. Currently, according to a report from EverydayHealth, dandruff-related problems are affecting more than half of the world’s population.

Skin fungus (Malassezia):

Malassezia is a parasitic fungus on the surface of animal and human skin. This fungus grows by sucking nutrients from the oils on the skin of humans and animals, causing dandruff and itching.

Oily, sticky skin:

While a dry scalp is caused by a lack of oil needed to provide moisture to the skin, dandruff occurs when the amount of oil is in excess. In addition, seborrheic dermatitis is also one of the common causes of dandruff. Scalp dermatitis affects most parts of the skin and scalp, causing symptoms such as itchy scalp, scaly hair, swelling of the skin or dandruff.

Using the wrong hair products:

If you do not fall into either of these two categories, then there is a high chance that the hair products you are using are the culprits causing your skin problems. Double-check to see if the ingredients in your hair products are itchy and if they’re appropriate for your skin type. Also, consider using dry shampoo instead of too much regular shampoo to avoid problems with dry skin or itchy scalp.

Skin condition:

Dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or ringworm can also cause dryness and dandruff on the scalp. In these cases, the best way is to seek help and consult a doctor to find the most suitable treatment.

Dry scalp:

Dry scalp is one of the most common problems, especially in the dry season like winter. Like other parts of your body, the skin on your head tends to shed more dead skin than usual during the cold season, which in turn causes dandruff.

Scalp problem 2: Dry scalp

The phenomenon of dry scalp occurs when the scalp is not supplied with enough oil and moisture needed to maintain nutrients for the hair and scalp. When the scalp is deprived of moisture, dead skin sheds more and often causes dandruff. Common causes of dry scalp are:

Unsuitable hair products:

Hair products such as gels, hair sprays or shampoos with ingredients that are not suitable for your skin type can cause negative reactions such as itchy or dry scalp.


With age, your skin also gradually ages. The older you get, the more easily your skin will dry out. Therefore, the phenomenon of dry scalp is very common in adults.

Skin condition:

Dermatological conditions such as eczema can also cause dry scalp.

Washing your hair too much:

Shampoo products can suck all the moisture out of the scalp and cause dry scalp.

So what exactly is the difference between dandruff and a dry scalp? Dry scalp occurs only when the amount of moisture supplied to the skin is lacking while dandruff is a symptom of dead skin shedding caused by inflammation, itching and other dermatological problems. According to some dermatological studies, men have a higher rate of problems like dandruff than women.

Scalp problem 3: Itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is a very common symptom especially in adults. The problem of itchy scalp is often encountered when you have dandruff or inflammatory skin diseases…

So what causes itchy scalp?


Dandruff is the main cause of itchy scalp, to be more precise, itchy scalp is one of the common symptoms when the scalp has dandruff.

Sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin often itch and react to hair products, so if you have sensitive skin, you should choose products with natural ingredients or consult your doctor before Buy hair products for yourself.


Your psychological state plays a role in determining your external health. When you’re stressed, you can experience symptoms of skin sensitivity, including an itchy scalp.

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