Causes of hair loss in the summer

Many people often don’t realize that in the summer their hair falls out more than usual. This amount of hair loss can sometimes account for up to 20% of the amount of hair you have.

The reason is that at times of environmental change, hair can enter the “telogen phase”, where about 20% of hair stops growing or falls out prematurely.

Normal women can lose 150-175 hairs per day, men lose less hair. Your hair will not fall out immediately, it may take several months for you to realize this. If your body is under stress in April-May, you may only notice hair thinning in July-August.

This hair loss process can end in a few weeks or last all summer. Hair density can be reduced by 40%, but it won’t make you bald. If you have a predisposition to baldness, this seasonal hair loss can cause hair to grow back thinner, or not at all.

In addition, other factors during the hot season can also affect hair. For example, strong sunlight damages hair, making it more fragile and prone to breakage. Humidity causes you to wash your hair more often, and shampoo increases the risk of hair loss. Scalp exposure to the sun can cause inflammation, increase hair loss.

When should you worry?

If you suddenly notice bald spots or an itchy, burning, painful, red scalp accompanied by increased hair loss, these symptoms could indicate a variety of scalp problems, including psoriasis and hair loss.

If hair loss is accompanied by joint pain, cellulite, headaches, unusual weight loss, this could be a sign of serious health problems such as thyroid, lupus and polycystic ovary syndrome.

If your hair falls out due to weather changes in early summer, it may regrow before the new year. This hair growth process is quite slow, while the temperature changes occur from season to season. If your hair is especially sensitive, the changing seasons require you to take extra care of your body and hair health.

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