Distinguishing single hair and double hair

Anyone who has, is or has had the opportunity to experience the sale of hair extensions and wigs must have heard of two basic terms – single hair and double hair. So how to distinguish these two types of hair? How do I know which hair type is right for me? In this article, ApoGroups will share with you the basic differences that help you easily distinguish single hair and double hair.

What does single hair mean?


  • Single Drawn Hair: Each bundle is produced from the hair of only one supplier.
  • The appearance of single hair is similar to the real hair we have – thick at the base of the hair and thinner towards the tips.
  • Single hair is considered the most popular and easiest hair type to buy thanks to its low cost and ease of care.

Why use single hair?

While some customers believe that hair extensions and wigs need to ensure the same thickness from root to tip, other customers choose a single hairstyle due to their natural appearance when connected. Each hair that grows naturally from our scalp has a different length. That is why, for clients looking for a natural and complete hairstyle, single hair is the perfect choice for them.

Besides, the price of single hair consumed on the market today is usually lower than that of other hair types (double hair…). In addition, if you want, you can also trim a bit at the single end for a thicker effect.

What is double hair?


  • When producing Double Drawn Hair products, the short hairs are removed completely by hand. Next, the hair ends will be cut short until the whole bunch of hair has reached the same thickness from top to bottom, then the hair will be put into sewing or crocheted into a wig or hair extension.
  • Double hair is a high quality hair type, suitable for customers who want to have thicker hair.
  • The cost of double hair is often much higher than that of single hair, in return the product can ensure quality and volume as well as a longer life.

Why use double hair?

  • The Double Drawn weave is the best quality hair weave to date. The hair strands are arranged with equal length, making your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Virgin hair products are currently the most expensive on the market. Each strand of hair is the same length, so you’ll get thick and full hair from root to tip.
  • Although double hair costs a lot more, you can rest assured because the quality, volume and longevity of double hair can completely exceed a single hair extension.

The difference between single hair and double hair


Hair tail

Single Drawn Hair: Since single-drawn hair products are created with hairs of different lengths, the hairline will usually be very thick and thin at the end.

Double Drawn Hair: The twin hairs are the same length from top to bottom. Therefore, the ends of double hair are usually thicker than that of single hair.


As mentioned above, double hair products made from Virgin hair are considered to be the highest quality weaves. Hair fibers before being put into production will be sorted into different lengths, hairs of the same or equivalent length will be put into the same bundle. The hair strands are arranged at equal lengths to create smoothness and shine for the hair.

However, because the process is done entirely by hand, the prices of these products are often markedly higher than for other hair types.

Hair length


Everyone’s hair grows in a different cycle – some grow continuously, others always maintain a single length. This is why the hairs in single hair products are of different lengths. Single hair made from Remy hair is usually made from hairs that vary in length between 2 and 3 inches. For example, a single 18-inch Remy hair bundle would be interspersed with several 14-16 inch long strands.

Source of hair buying

Double hair products are often made from multiple suppliers’ hair. In other words, one person’s hair will not be enough to proceed with the production of double hair. Most double hair bundles look thick and have the same thickness from head to tail because of the selection and combination of hair of equal length from many different hair providers.


Single hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions on the market. Due to less processing and manufacturing, the cost is lower than other products. A double bundle will cost much more than a single, but the quality, volume and longevity of the hair are all at their best.

Advantages/Disadvantages of single hair extensions

    • Cheap
    • Natural appearance
    • Suitable for creating “V” shaped hair
    • Lower volume

Advantages/Disadvantages of double hair extensions

  • At least 90% of hair is removed during manual trimming
  • More expensive than single hair
  • Top and bottom have equal width
  • Suitable for creating “U” shaped hair
  • More hair volume
  • Gives a fuller look

Double pull & single pull, which is better?


Depending on the needs of each person, you can choose to own single or double hair.

  • Single hair extensions are less expensive than double Remy hair.
  • Double hair is more expensive but is of higher quality. Each bundle is the same length, so you can get thick and full hair from root to tip.
  • Various factors will affect your choice of single or double hair extensions. For example, some may prefer single hair because they come from a single source while others will prefer double hair because they are capable of creating the look they most desire.
  • For girls who are looking for a full, natural look, single hair is a great option. Besides, singles are usually cheaper than buns, but if you trim a few inches off the ends, they can easily thicken and look quite similar to expensive doubles overall.
  • Single or double hair is not indicative of hair quality. Hair quality is always measured and determined by the cuticle of the hair. Based on whether all the hairs in a bunch or bunch of hair keep the cuticle intact in the same direction, hair quality is measured.
  • Hair that has the cuticle intact in the same direction is known as Remy Hair. Remy’s hair is natural hair cut from real human hair, best known for its easy maintenance and tangle-free properties.


  • How to choose? It depends on the thickness you are trying to achieve.
  • The choice of single or double hair depends on personal preference and user feeling. For thinner hair types, you can choose to use 2-3 bundles with longer lengths to match the style you are pursuing.

Where can you buy double/single hair?

ApoGroups provides hair extensions with a variety of styles, hair colors and quality. We provide 100% natural hair products with many attractive offers. Coming to ApoGroups, you can rest assured to choose single and double hair products without worrying about quality.

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