Hair length for 3 basic hair types

The process of learning about your own hair so that you can come up with the right hair growth stimulation method can consume a large amount of time and effort. Hair style and type of hair will play a role in determining the length of each person’s hair, so understanding the basic hair types and lengths of each hair type is one of the most basic and important steps when it comes to hair growth. Find a way to make your hair grow faster.

It can be said that one of the most error-prone stages is the stage of determining the hair type as well as when measuring the hair length for each type. To help you avoid unwanted mistakes in the process of learning about hair, in this article, ApoGroups will provide a detailed chart of the basic length of each hair type.

Basic hair length chart

Depending on the hairstyle you choose, we divide hair lengths into 5 basic categories: very short, short, medium, long and very long.

Very short

Surely the girls who own these extremely short hair all possess a strong and dynamic personality when choosing short hairstyles on their ears. Close-cut hairstyles such as pixie cut or braided hair are all in the very short hair group in the hair length chart.


The short hair group on the hair length chart is usually from below the ear to the chin. Some of the typical hairstyles for short hair length are the youthful bob hairstyle, often paired with thin or wavy bangs or layered hairstyles, trimmed hair… Thanks to its ability to conceal and soften the hair. facial contours, these hairstyles are especially suitable for girls with angular and overly sharp faces.


One of the hairstyles that represent the average hair length is the shoulder-length haircut. While long hair is too difficult to take care of, and not all faces are suitable for short hairstyles, it is obvious that shoulder length hairstyle becomes the perfect choice for girls.

In addition, not only has a trendy look but is also extremely easy to care for, medium length hair is especially suitable for girls who like to experiment with different hairstyles – from girly waves to curly hairstyles. Stylish lob or ombre hair.


The long hair group usually ranges from below the shoulders to the middle of the back. Long hair has always been a symbol of a dreamlike feminine beauty like in a fairy tale. No matter what style you are following, as long as you own a long hair, you will never worry about becoming outdated or bad in front of everyone.

Although long hair is always the dream of every girl, not everyone has the patience to take care of and maintain this hairstyle. The reason is because long hair care is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, in the opinion of ApoGroups, long hair is only for girls who love beauty, have enough patience and conditions to maintain this hairstyle.

Very long

With the constant development and change of hair trends, long, smooth hair without damage becomes very hard to find. Creating and changing hairstyles will lead to frequent haircuts, which is why it is rare for girls to be able to maintain extremely long hair until now.

The very long hair group is usually located from the waist down, such hairstyles are often difficult to care for and style. In addition, hair in this group is often more prone to tangling and falling out, so you will need special and meticulous hair care treatments.

With 5 basic hair lengths, ApoGroups has compiled timelines that can make it easier for you to grow your own hair.

  • Hair length from ear to chin: 6 months
  • Hair length from chin to neck: 3-4 months
  • Hair length from neck – collarbone: 7-8 months
  • Hair length from collarbone – waist: 2 years
  • Hair length from waist to hips: 1.5-2 years
  • Hair length from hip to knee: 1.5 years

Note: The longer the hair, the slower the hair growth rate.

Hair types and lengths for each type

The hairstyle you choose determines the length of your hair. When determining your hair length, the first thing you need to do is consider your hair type.

Straight hair

Straight hairstyle is the easiest hairstyle to determine the length. You just need to compare it with the hair length chart above to give the correct hair length.

Curly hair

Starting with this hairstyle, measuring hair length will become more complicated because the curls make your hair look shorter than its original length. For example, 31cm of hair would be somewhere in the middle of your back with straight hair. Meanwhile, the same length, your hair will just fall below the shoulders with a wavy hairstyle.

Curly hair

Just like wavy hair, curls will make your hair look shorter than usual. However, at stronger curls, the strands will be much shorter than they would be if you had curls – usually 2-5cm longer than a regular straight hair.

The question is, is there a way to own long, smooth hair quickly? Unfortunately, our answer is that you will have a long way to go to achieve the hair length you desire. In such a case, ApoGroups advises you to consider using wigs and hair extensions. These products not only have a beautifying effect on the outside, but can also protect the hair from bad effects such as airborne dust or chemicals and high temperatures.

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