Happy New Year’s Eve 2020 at APO Groups

When Tet comes to spring, the year-end party at the big family of APO Groups is an impressive party, creating an opportunity for company members to exchange and share memories of the past year. This party is also a summary, a ceremony to honor excellent employees in their journey to the company. The year-end program at APO Groups is a special occasion for the Board of Directors and all employees to not only count down the important milestones of the year but also review the impressive moments together. .


Opening opening opening

The beginning of the party was the speech summarizing the situation of the past year by the General Director of the company. Marking the event of great success in 2019, as a pioneer in the wig supply industry, APO Groups is constantly improving service quality, especially for customers. Closing remarks at the year-end party, the General Director shared the company’s business mottos in a warm atmosphere with members of the great family APO Groups .


Honoring excellent staff

The old year ends with joy to welcome the new year with many hopes of success and luck. This is the time when APO Groups honors and pays tribute to the achievements that employees have made efforts to achieve during the past year. The culture of honor is an integral part of the APO family, so the company always recognizes the contributions of its members most respectfully.


Special internal art performances

The year-end party atmosphere at APO Groups is always fun and exciting. In order to contribute to increasing the attractiveness, which is a unique highlight for the company, the staff together presented unique musical performances that brought joy and bustling atmosphere to this event. Let’s review the carefully prepared, enthusiastic and attractive musical performances of APO employees.

#first. Every day I choose a joy – General Manager

One of the most anticipated performances at this year’s year-end party is the solo performance of the General Director of APO Groups . With an attractive deep voice, he gave the entire staff a deep and emotional performance.

#2. Exciting art competition performance

It would be a big omission if not to mention the meticulously prepared performances from the talented girls of APO Groups. Four musical performances are carefully invested, full of enthusiasm.

  • Flashmob: “Timber”

The girls from Team Marketing show off their confident and seductive dance moves through the song Timber. Pairing jeans with the team’s designer t-shirts, the girls put on a great show


  • Flashmob: “Panama”

Next, there was the charismatic and dynamic dance performance through the song Panama. Choose active outfits with striking black and yellow colors. The girls shined brightly on their own stage.


  • Flashmob: “Destiny”

Always keeping up with the trends, always dynamic and youthful, the charming girls of APO Groups brought an exciting dance performance in traditional ethnic costumes. Charming and confident, the girls captured all the attention of the audience watching below the stage.

  • Contemporary folk dance: “The wind blows the boat”

In addition to the dance performances, the girls from Team Sale brought a skillful dance performance, showing sophistication and suppleness. In navy blue dresses, the girls performed a skillful fan dance, as gentle as butterfly wings.


#3. Choir Boss, where are we going?

APO Groups is a big family where everyone shares, understands and spends a good time together. With the participation of employees and the Board of Directors of the company, all together created and sang the song “Boss, where are we going” of the big family in joy.

Lucky draw and Tet gifts

All employees together participated in the lucky draw and received lovely and meaningful gifts from the concern of the Company’s Board of Directors. At the same time, Tet gifts are also given to the loved ones.


The party ended with many emotions from sublimation deposition to explosive atmosphere. The presence of the entire Board of Directors and employees brought a meaningful New Year’s Eve party of the year of the Rat .

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