Picture who is your perfect target group

How to become an outstanding hair extension distributor?

Are you somebody who has been working in the beauty industry for several years as a cosmetologist or an esthetician? Or are you just a stay-at-home mom who is managing an influential beauty blog with a loyal fan base and patrons? Do you know that in both cases, you can actually start making good money by acting as a hair extension distributor? But these are not the only groups of people who can break into the industry. As long as you have the passion for hair and beauty, an acute business sense, and the desire to make a good living, you are already set. In our blog post today, Be9 will show you the exact recipe to make it as a hair distributor wholesale seller.

Your potential as a hair extension distributor

Hair extensions, weaves, and wigs are experiencing an undisturbed unprecedented growth that is almost marvelous to watch. This market keeps growing year over year with a rate of 4.5%. If everything stays its course, the market’s value would accumulate to roughly $1.2 billion by the end of 2024. 

Wholesale hair extension distributor are opening up show everywhere
Wholesale hair extension distributor can be seen everywhere

This means there is a lot of room for new players and much new demand will be created in the foreseeable future. The hair extension client you serve and what they look like would likely not stay the same. Not only younger people are now experiencing the joy of working with wigs and weaves, but people of all races, professions, genders, and countries are also making use of this convenient commodity. This is why if you can quickly and reliably capture this part of the market, you can make a good income and build your own empire that satisfies a broad range of customers and clients.

While many players are eager to join the market, we believe only true value providers can really make the cut. This is why we think you should examine this post closely and start owning your own business with a very little upfront cost.

How can you become a hair extension distributor?

While a lot of factors play into the final result of your business, these are the essential factors every hair extension distributor has to figure out. Use our list here as a roadmap in your development as a successful entrepreneur.

Seek out the best wholesale supplier

Likely one of the biggest challenges and the most difficult steps for anyone who is hoping to start their own hair weave business. Most people nowadays will either get potential suppliers from their friend’s recommendation or through an Internet search. 

Internet is the fastest way to seek supplier

With the advanced technology and algorithm, all reside inside the pocket of our pants, we can easily gather up a list of potential partners that you can further investigate. There are many platforms and ways to seek these hair manufacturers/ wholesalers. You can start with a simple google search and then graduate to other platforms like Facebook, Alibaba, Aliexpress.

Look through Review and Testimonials

Double check by looking through their website and reviews
Double-check by looking through their website and reviews

Once you have found some hair suppliers that you may want to work with, dig a little deeper to find what the reputation of these stores/companies is like. Be sure to go through all of the reviews for the company. Of course, some companies may resort to using fake positive reviews, so you need to go through both positive and negative ones to weed out the suspicious suppliers.

Avoid Yes/No questions

Once you have gathered enough info, this is the time to start chatting and asking open-ended questions to further understand the business. Are they manufacturers or retailers? What is the benefit of working with the company? The origin and return service? These questions will help you determine whether they are suitable for you or not.

Ask for free samples

Whether you are buying or not, a reputable supplier like Be9 will always be more than happy to send our hair samples free to our new customers. This is the first good impression we want to make on new buyers. So when you have narrowed down your potential supplier to 3-5, don’t hesitate to start asking for samples.

Answer the question: what do my clients look like?

The hair extensions stock you keep or are planning to keep will usually appeal only to a certain group of people. It is your job to figure out who these people are and zone in on this target group. Answering these questions early and decisively will save you from many troubles and help you prioritize developing the right relationship for your business.

Picture who is your perfect target group
Picture who is your perfect target group

As a business owner, you should always try to develop your contact. Just knowing the right person can help push your business forward. Keep in touch and maintain a close relationship with your clients to help ensure they turn into loyal customers. Asking after and sharing their problems would certainly make you become the trusted go-to person. With a proven track record, be prepared to receive recommendations from your own clients and develop your business in this organic way.

A well thought out marketing plan

To boost your sales, nothing is more pertinent than a good marketing skillset. You should utilize the marketing tools that your wholesale vendors may already put in place for you. A well-thought-out marketing plan will help customers identify you and see clearly how you are different from the crowd. With a good plan, perfect execution, and a bit of luck, everything should fall into place. Be prepared to see revenue growth and climbing slowly but surely toward profitability.

A good marketing plan usually involves regular sales goals and other action plans to make sure all the necessary components fall into place. The plan should also account for all the factors that need to be measured to rationalize the best method to achieve certain goal posts.

Of course, as a hair extensions distributor, you may have many other competitors and this can be a threat to your own business. In our opinion, it is important that you eventually grow your content and communication beyond any template or pre-provided material. You can even use your personal image and clout to engage and educate your existing and potential clients.

An E-commerce site is a must

A hair extensions webstore has become a nesscesity
A hair extensions website has become a necessity

Any legitimate hair extension distributor business nowadays needs a website to provide easy access and effective communication. You shouldn’t overlook this need either. There are always some solutions out there for this problem you may have. From pre-made websites that are plug and play like Wix or Shopify to a more tailor-made platform like word-press, there should be some form to help you build your first e-commerce store and bring your brainchild to the world. Of course, you can also ask your supplier in whatever way they can help you. However, just make sure you understand the terms and conditions that come with the material that they provide and maintain.

How to gain a competitive edge as a hair product distributor?

While there can be many ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you will need some key strategies. We think these three strategies have been a proven method for many people who want to grow as a hair product distributor. 

Strategy #1: Sell authentic and genuine human hair extensions

Authentic Genuine human hair ensure sustainable business growth
Authentic Genuine human hair ensure sustainable business growth

To really become a wholesale human hair distributor, you really need to know the product well and the differing quality of each type of product. For the most part, clients are not looking to buy for the craziest color or the most innovative cap construction. Instead, everyone is looking to get quality hair that can last users for months and years. What really differentiates one seller from another is the hair quality itself. So for any new clients or people who are interested in becoming a successful hair extension distributor, we have a simple recommendation. Make sure you sell 100% virgin hair extensions instead of synthetic hair.

Be9 hair with our specialization in providing real 100% Vietnamese hair at factory price will be an apt solution if you wish to buy quality hair extensions of clear origin with a fraction of the retail price most hair suppliers are asking for. Our service helps wholesalers and distributors out by ensuring the quality and origin of the hair while infinitely customizing the final product to suit your business’s needs.

Strategy #2: Keep your price reasonable and plan for volatility

Now, the quality and clear origin of the hair alone would not be enough to help you win the market. You need a good price too! But for you to be able to offer your hair at a low price, you need to have a good scale as well as a low price per unit when you source your hair extensions. This makes sure you have some level of profit to maintain your daily life and business expenses.

But how do you find a supplier that can help you get low-cost high-quality hair extensions? You need to work with a hair extensions factory in Asia that has cheap operating costs. Moreover, they are also the one who is close to the cheap high quality natural human hair resources. The price difference between an Asian factory and a European reseller might mean there is no space left for your margin.

Also to be entitled to a good price, you most of the time need to buy at a certain quantity. This not only helps you keep the price low but also guards you against the price volatility of the future. Hair extensions raw material is experiencing shortage so you clearly need a well-defined sourcing plan. A clear sourcing plan makes sure you don’t run out of stock unexpectedly. Alternatively, they also prevent you from hiking your own price when there is some event that affects the raw material market. 

On our part, Be9 always offers the lowest price possible for our partners. This helps you keep your margin and grow your business. We also communicate any pricing change promptly and systematically. By successfully doing so, there would be no surprise the moment you need anything from us.

Strategy #3: Offering a one-of-a-kind customer support service

The sales process in hair extensions, or whatever fields one can think of, was never meant to be straightforward. This means that a lot of the time you need to provide excellent customer service to all leads and potential customers. Whether or not that would translate to sales numbers should not be your primary concern at the early stage.

Customer care is the best strategy for growth
Customer care is the best strategy for growth

However, there is one thing we firmly believe. Your attitude, zeal, and diligence will eventually pay off when you have a knack to solve customer’s problems. No one attracts more customers than somebody with good products and a keen sense of problem-solving. As is the case, we suggest you spend a good amount of your time interacting with customers. By simply paying attention to, and being helpful to your clients. With enough grit and sheer luck, you will someday make it in the hair extensions industry.

We hope that you are crystal clear about the pathway of becoming a hair extension distributor. we hope that you are ready for the next phase. Please contact Be9 Hair at this instant if you need further inquiries on our business process, we will get back to you shortly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via Whatsapp. We can always be reached through the number (+84) 904 592 038.

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