How to make weaves look natural?

Needless to say, women find hair extensions an amazing solution for beautifying their appearance and boosting their confidence. Although weave is not real hair, the wearer never wants anyone to detect their “fake hair”. How to make weaves look natural? Be9hair will give you 6 tips in this post. Scroll down for detail.

How to make weaves look natural?

  1. Create patterns to hide the seam

Create patterns to hide the seam
Create patterns to hide the seam

If you love straight hair, you should make a bone straight style to have a seamless look. The short hair inside the weave can reveal the track or make your hair messy. However, this style may be too classic. Let’s try something fun and modern.

Curly and wavy hair works better in hiding the seam and making volume to your tresses. You can buy different patterns from a hair supplier or create these textures by yourself with hot tools such as curling, straightener, etc. In case you worry about damaging the weave, you can apply some heatless methods to attain your desired hairstyles.

  1. Use Remy/virgin hair extensions – the best answer for “How to make weave look natural”

There are different materials for hair extensions including Remy hair, virgin hair, non-Remy hair, and synthetic hair. Among them, the two first options will give you a natural-like appearance with long-lasting beauty. They are 100% human hair with cuticle aligned so that they are healthy and safe for your tress and scalp.

You have no idea the difference between these materials? Find answers easily on our website. In case you want to buy a high-quality human hair weave, Be9hair can help you. We supply weave hair extensions with various patterns to meet your need.

  1. Add a closure or frontal

How to make weaves look natural-Add a closure or frontal
How to make weaves look natural-Add a closure or frontal

The hairline and hair part may tell the world about your weave hair extensions. Our solution is to apply a closure or frontal instead. These hair products do not only give you a seamless hairline but also flexible hairstyles. You can create a side part or middle part as you wish. A high ponytail frontal is also a great option while staying natural and confident. We will guide you on how to apply closure or frontal in other articles, so subscribe to our blog to get the latest update on the hair beauty world.

After applying closure/frontal, you should cut some hair in the front to have baby hair and style them. It is not only beautiful but also seamless to your hair extensions.

  1. Take care of the hair extensions thoroughly

How to make weaves look natural? Stay your hair extensions as beautiful as the origin. Although it is hard to become a good haircare person, you can follow some simple and basic rules below to own beautiful weave hair extensions for a long time.

Rule #1: Take away from sulfate and alcohol products. It is common knowledge that these products will deterge moisture and dry out the hair. They hurt the cuticles of hair follicles leading to other damages. You should read the ingredients carefully and choose the right type for your hair.

Rule #2: Conditioner is the best friend of weave hair extensions. You should not be lazy. It takes about 5 minutes to condition your hair only while it makes a great effect on the hair’s beauty.

Rule #3: Reduce heat on hair. Heat is certainly an enemy of hair. Therefore, you should limit the use of hot tools and cover your hair when going out.

  1. Choose the right hair length

One of the golden rules is to opt for weave hair that is not more than 4-inch longer than your natural tresses. This rule is suitable for the brainless application method only. If you cover all your own hair under the extensions or use the leave-out sew-in method, you can opt for any hair length.

Choose the right hair length
Choose the right hair length

Normally, you may need 2 to 3 bundles of hair for full head application. We highly recommend using 2 lengths that are 2-inch different. For example, one set with 14 inches and 16 inches, one set with 20 inches 22 inches and 24 inches, etc.

Do you want to know exactly how many bundles you need for a full head application? Check our blog now.

  1. Apply right method

When it comes to weaving hair extensions, we have some common application methods such as sew-in, quick weave, leave-out sew-in, brainless sew-in. Two latter options can help you hide the seams perfectly. However, they are not for everyone.

Here are 6 ways to answer “How to make weaves look natural”. We hope this article is helpful for you. If you need any information, let us know in the comment section. In case you want to buy high-quality weave hair extensions, contact Be9hair now. We commit to applying the best human hair extensions that can last up to 3 years and above.

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