How to style a wig simply with 3 following tips

Wigs are now a popular accessory for many girls. Because it is easy to use, convenient to help women always shine every time they appear. But do you know how to style a wig? After a period of use, the hair will no longer be as neat as the original, so styling and restoring the hair is necessary.

Be9 will introduce simple and effective ways to style wigs.

1. What material is the wig made?

What material is the wig made?
What material is the wig made?

Wigs are made from 3 materials: synthetic hair (nylon fiber, synthetic silk fiber) and real hair (human hair). In which only wigs made from synthetic silk fibers and real hair can be styled.

Tips: With outstanding advantages, Be9 recommends choosing a wig made of real hair. Because it is from 100% human hair, it will be natural when matching to your real hair. Besides, with its durability and heat resistance, you can style your hair strands freely.

2. How to style a wig?


How to style a wig?
How to style a wig?

Styling your hair is very important to keep your wig looking good. Therefore, after a few uses, don’t forget to take care of it.

Styling wig while combing hair

Wigs are weak after using them many times, so they always need to be cared for and gently combed. After using, the hair will be tangled, especially the products made from Kanekalon fibers, if you do not know how to comb it, it will cause your hair to fall out.

The way to brush: First, spray a special conditioner for the hair, divide the hair into small sections, then use a wide comb to comb from bottom to top to limit tangles.

Spray more conditioner on tangled parts to easily detangle, making hair smoother and silkier. After combing, gently shake the hair so that the hair is natural and smooth.

With a curly wig, comb the top and curl the hair strand with your hands in a clockwise direction to gently squeeze upwards to keep the curls from falling apart and keep the hold longer.

Use a curling iron to style the wig

Wig products made from synthetic silk and real hair are available for you to use curling irons to style.

How to curl a wig

Use a curling iron to style the wig
Use a curling iron to style the wig

– Before curling your hair, you must smooth your wig so that the curls are not tangled.

– Then you divide your hair into small parts to curl.

– You take a small section of hair, use a curling iron, and wait for the hair to heat up. Release the hair, and hold the curl in your hand. Remember to wait for the hair to cool down to keep the structure of the curls. Do the same with the remaining hair sections and you have a new perfect curly hair.

– After finishing the curling of the wig, remember to spray the conditioner to keep the hair strong and shine.

Use a straightener to how to style a wig

Use a straightener to style the wig
Use a straightener to style the wig

With straightening, you just need to split the wig and use the straightener to pull it from top to bottom. Do the same to the last curls. The result will be smooth, stretchy hair that makes everyone admires.

Because straighteners and curlers both use heat to style your hair, you need to spray before using the machine. This will minimize damage to your beautiful hair.

If your hair product after many uses is not as great as new, then apply the styling methods as above. In addition, always take care of your wig properly. 

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