How to take care of body wave hair extensions?

When it comes to hair extensions, the body wave hair extensions are always one of the best-selling hair items in Be9hair company. It can help to constantly change the hairstyle of one person and make it way more fashionable the prior style. For those who are going to have wave hair or have already had this style, knowing how to take care of it really important.

What does the body wave hair actually look?

What does the body wave hair extensions actually look?
What does the body wave hair extensions actually look?

How the hairstyle looks are really important for the people who care about their appearance. When it comes to hair extensions, the textures (styles) of the hair are always one of the top priorities that customers consider before making their decision.

How does the body wave hair look? Unlike the water wave hair which looks like the ocean wave and its curls move along the thickness of the hair, a body wave is the type of wave that moves along the body of the hair. It might look like the shape of a moving snake. As a result, this wavy hair is pretty loose and elegant when you apply the hair and comb the hair out.

As it is loose and light, this hairstyle still keeps the smoothness and natural form of the hair while other tighter waves might affect the hair due to heat styling and curling.

The body wavy hair extensions are best for long-size hair extensions. It is alright if you have short hair and also want to make this hairstyle. However, long hair might be a better idea that can take the full credit of the elegant and luxurious waves. Plus, the long hair also makes it easier to form the shape of the waves.

How to take care of body wave hair extensions?

When you have the style already, it is important to know how to maintain the best look of the hair in the long run, too. Here are a few tips you can consider.

Comb the hair when it is wet

As mentioned before, this hairstyle is pretty loose in the curls and if you try to comb it very often, it might get looser after time. The best time to comb this hair is when you shampoo it and it is still wet. The shampoo will make it smooth for the combing and you still avoid breaking the strands or destroy the waves.

Use a wide-toothed comb

When your hair is tangled, the normal comb might make it harder for you to comb. A wide-toothed comb is highly recommended for you when your hair is easy to tangle and helps prevent shedding and unintentionally straightening the hair.


Use defining curls shampoo

There have been many types of shampoo which are made in the aim of enhancing hair extensions ever since the hair industry was developed. If you are wearing wavy or curly hair, you should opt for the defining-curl shampoos. The shampoos will help you remain the hairstyle for longer time although it is for sure that the waves will not stay forever.

Apply hair masks and conditioners

Alongside the shampoos, make sure your hair is smooth, tangle-free and strong with hair masks and conditioners. You can make your own hair masks with simple natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and avocados. Of course, you can buy them to save time, too. Besides, hair conditioners are always recommended when it comes to taking care of hair in general. You can choose the brand that is suggested for hair extensions.

The body wave hair extensions are feminine, fashionable and best in long hairstyle. It can enhance the hair condition of women who want to have long hair with more voluminous and attractive look. Be9hair is always available and ready to answer and questions from customers about this hair. Do not hesitate to give us your contact and we will be there for you.

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