Instructions for making hair with tape at home with 3 steps

Hair extensions in general or hair with tape in particular often receive quite negative feedback about issues such as hair adhesion or their longevity. In fact, these problems stem from the products purchased but not preserved or cared for carefully as well as being manufactured based on poor quality raw materials, especially for those who choose themselves. do hair at home. So how to create a perfect hair tape for yourself? In this article, ApoGroups will answer your question. Hopefully, after this article, the girls can be more confident in making their own hair tape at home.

What is hair tape?

Tape hair , also known as tape-in ​​hair, is one of the newest hair extension methods on the market today. Tape hair is strips of hair about 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) wide, which are connected to your hair by clipping real hair to a wig using adhesive tape joints. Adhesive hair is currently the most used hair type in hair salons around the world thanks to its natural characteristics and absolutely safe to use. In addition, adhesive tape hair extensions can also be reused after replacing the joint, helping customers save a considerable amount of time and money compared to having to choose to buy a new set of hair.

Steps to make your own hair tape at home

The question is, is it as easy and quick to make hair with tape as when it comes to hair extensions? Let’s learn with ApoGroups the simple steps to make your own hair tape at home!

Step 1: Prepare

As mentioned, to get a satisfactory haircut, the first thing is to choose quality and suitable materials for yourself. To proceed with hairdressing with tape , you need:

  • Bundle hair (bulk hair). Depending on the desired thickness, you can choose the number of hair bundles that are right for you. To increase the naturalness of your woven hair, coarse hair made from real human hair will be the perfect choice.

At ApoGroups, we offer 100% human hair raw. The price of raw hair usually ranges from $75 to $1000 per kilogram, depending on the length and volume of hair you can choose the type of hair you need.

  • Hair tape. You can find this adhesive tape on the wholesale or retail website of wigs at a relatively low price.
  • 99 degrees dry alcohol stick
  • Drag

After gathering enough hair materials, you can proceed to make hair with tape. Remember to wash your hands before you start to make sure the tape stays clean

Step 2: Measure and cut your hair

In this step, you need to determine the length of your real hair and then proceed to cut your hair so that the hair length of the tape corresponds to your hair length. Pay attention to cut so that your real hair is just enough to hide the hair extensions behind and on your ears.

Step 3: Proceed to attach the hair with adhesive tape

Hair tape is usually produced in sizes from 0.5-1.5×30 cm (0.25-0.5×12 inches). When choosing to buy wig tape, you should learn about products from big and reputable brands to ensure the best quality of adhesive tape, limiting hair loss during use. After choosing the right type of adhesive tape, use glue to fix the hair with the tape and remove the excess tape.

Step 4: Done

Double-check carefully to see if your hair is fully secured with the tape, the tape is dirty, and the hair is puffy at the joint. If there are no problems, you can start attaching the tape to your real hair.

How to remove hair tape

Tape hair is pretty easy to use, only takes an hour to an hour and a half a day and you can already have a beautiful head of hair with adhesive tape . When using, you just need to peel off the protective layer of the adhesive tape and then start connecting your hair like with other hair extensions. A small note is that after gluing real hair with tape, you should press and hold the hair joint for a few seconds to make sure the tape is firmly attached to the hair. Double check one last time to avoid exposing joints when using hair.

Compared to the hair extension process, the tape-in ​​hair removal process is even faster. All you need to do is dip the hair extension tape in the melt solution or use dry alcohol and then gently shake your hair until the bonds gradually loosen. Then you just need to wash your hair again to make sure the tape and the thawing solution are washed out of your hair. Be careful with hair types that use bleach containing acetone or alcohol because these substances have the ability to draw moisture from your hair and make it dry. For tape hair, you should remove or re-attach your hair every 8-10 weeks to avoid messing up your hair as your real hair grows out.

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