Lace Frontal: Definition, production, and application

If you want to cover your thin hair around the hairline, lace frontal is the best choice for a beautiful and natural outlook. If you barely know about this product, we will give you some clues in this post. Stay tuned and enjoy it!

What is a lace frontal? 

A lace frontal is a piece of hair that is used to cover an ear-to-ear area of a women’s head. The hair is attached to lace from different materials to create some types of lace frontal.

–       HD lace. HD stands for high definition which is considered as the best-qualified material for lace closure and lace frontal. This lace is extremely thin and visible that can melt any skin color. When applying products with this material, your hair will look natural and beautiful. However, because of the thinness, it tends to get tear and wear quickly if you are careless. Price is also a minus when it is costly.

–       Transparent lace. As its name, the lace also matches the skin tones of the wearers. There are 2 popular tones for this lace consisting of transparent and brown. However, you may need to add some foundation for perfectly invisible hair extensions. The transparent lace frontal has a fairly reasonable price so it is the most favorite product of women.

–       Swiss lace. Swiss lace is a fine and thin fabric with a beige-alike tone to fit different skin colors. It is breathable and comfortable. People find it hard to detect if they don’t pay much attention to the hairline. Although this lace is great, it is quite fragile and rougher than the two types of lace above.

–       Silk-based lace. This one is the most realistic lace that looks like a scalp. The hair is knotted into a lace attaching the silk underneath. Although it is natural-alike, it is unbreathable and pricey.

Besides lace, hair material is also a criterion to classify lace frontal. They are virgin hair, Remy hair, non-Remy hair, and synthetic hair. If you want to tell them out, please check our blog out.

There are some popular sizes for this product including 13×4 lace frontal, 13×6 lace frontal,… to cover a different area of the head. At Be9hair, we supply 100% Remy hair 13×4 lace frontal with different patterns such as body wave lace frontal, deep curly lace frontal, bone straight lace frontal, and so on.

How to make a lace frontal?

Producing process of lace frontal is totally handful. You need to prepare some tools to support your long hour work.

– Bulk hair extensions. Even when you intend to make a body wavy lace frontal, we think you should choose straight hair at first and create waves with hot tools at last.

– Lace: You can choose any type you want but HD lace and silk-based lace require skillful makers

– Mannequin head

– Pins, tape measure, scissors, and washable ink pen

– A ventilating needle. There are different sizes for the hook of the needle consisting of 1-1, 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4. These numbers mean the number of hair strands you can thread at one time. If you get familiar with making lace frontal and want to make a full hair product, the last one supports your job effectively. In case you are a newbie, the first one is more favorable. At Be9hair, we choose 1-2 for medium and natural-alike thickness.

Step 1: Measure the head size and draw the pattern

You need to measure the area you want to cover in your head with the tape measure. First, check the side-to-side length by holding the tape measure from your left ear to the right ear in the hairline. Then, you need to run it back from the hairline to the end of your lace frontal.

Afterward, you need to fix the lace to the mannequin head to shape your lace frontal with the pen. You can cut the extra lace off for an easier handful task. However, please take note, you need to spare some lace to apply easier.

If you find it complicated and difficult, Be9hair highly recommends making a 13×4 lace frontal which will fit your head perfectly.×4-deep-curly-1b-natural-black/

Step 2: Knot the hair

You need to hold the bulk hair extensions on one hand and the needle in the other. You should start at the hairline towards the back. If you choose human hair extensions, you need to hold the hair forward to the root. Before you start, you need to be aware of the number of hair that your hook can bear and the hairline is thinner the back. Therefore, you should skip some holes on the lace for a natural look.

You need to make a loop with the hair, then pull it through the lace, create another loop, thread the hair through it and pull the hair tight to make a knot. Since you just need to repeat until all of your frontals are full!

Step 3: Finish your lace frontal

Although you have remarked the lace with the pen, you need to check it carefully if you should apply more hair to the hairline. Additionally, you should comb it gently to remove all excess hair (if any). It’s time for application!

How to apply a lace frontal?

There are two main ways to apply lace frontal that are the sew-in method and the glue-in method. Both of them require the wearers to lay their natural hair down by braiding or applying edgy cream. Don’t forget to moisten your scalp beforehand.

When your hair is flatted down, we highly recommend using a wig cap to protect your hair and scalp. It also supports the installation process. If the lace does not fit your skin, add some foundation to make a perfect match. For more natural, you should bleach the knots. If you don’t know how to do it, we will guide you in another post, so follow us to receive the latest guidelines.

#1: Sew-in method

You need a curve needle and thread to finish this work. Be careful when sewing the lace frontal to the cornrows or you can hurt yourself. As you’ve done on fixing it, cut the extra lace, take some front hair to create baby hair if you wish. Some edgy cream will make sense in shaping the hair for a better look.

#2: Glue-in method

If the sew-in method sets the surrounding of lace frontal only, this installation method will stick all of the lace down. You should choose high-quality glue to protect your natural hair and scalp and apply a favorable amount to the lace, then set it down to your head. You can also create some baby hair to boost your beauty up.

When you read this post, you may find it simple to make a lace frontal. In fact, it is complicated and time-consuming. A 13×4 lace frontal from Be9hair will give you a new hairstyle quickly, effectively, and nicely. To purchase from us, please check our online store or contact our salesmen to get support 24/7. Thank you for reading!

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