The Amazing Special Services For Be9’s Wholesale Customers

When purchasing hair extensions of Be9 or becoming our wholesale customers, you can get useful special services: product design, label design, packaging. So if you have no questions about our hair items, enjoy these professional services now.

1.   Design product special services

Through the process of perfecting the message, advertising, and communication, the marketing team will begin to attract customers. If your product does not convey the right brand message, users will not come to you. Trust us.

Product design teams are the people who take care of and manage the basic part of the business. The difference between the information from the brand and what the product actually delivers is the cause of your failure.

Hair extensions of Be9
Hair extensions of Be9

Coming to Be9, VIP customers can request product designs according to their standards and their prices. Send us the sample, we will provide the same product line vs the price better than your old supplier.

2.   Design label special services

Each product comes out as the crystallization of labor values ​​that is the essence of the entire enterprise, so you attach great importance to packaging design as well as you value the labor value of your business. Label design is considered the brand ambassador. It conveys the message that the product wants to bring to consumers. When it comes to design label services, Be9 works with the mission of conveying those abstract messages into beautiful, unique, and modern label designs.

Design label special service
Design label special service

What we can do for our wholesale customers is that supporting designing, printing, packing tags/labels according to customers’ requirements. Customers send designs or ideas, which we will do for guests.


Interviewing customers: helping to understand the internal values ​​of the business.

Project objectives: determine the right project objectives to help quantify the effectiveness of the whole project accurately.

Brand strategy: helps products match the overall brand strategy.

Unique Selling Point: direct decision to buy from users.



Consumer behavior: analyzing the habits, place, time, and situations that lead to a purchase

Target: analysis of gender, age, and a class of potential customers.

Purchase decision: determine the right reason to choose (price, features, aesthetic taste, trend).

User experience: optimized label design helps customers easily experience the product.



Status – Emotion: correct colors, typography, graphics bring different emotions.

Modeling – Specifications: Product design should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Outline: give preliminary ideas on how to present the product packaging.

Interpretation: complete visualization to visualize unified elements.


Prototyping: prototype production provides an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of a packaging sample.

Experimenting: through actual use, it is possible to draw out the necessary changes.

Finishing: final fine-tuning of details before going into production.


3. Packaging special services

Creating a product that really stands out on the shelf is a scientific research and analysis process. We study Brand Value and Customer Insight to give reason to believe in products (Reason to believe).

Be9 will give customers a full package of goods with a very preferential fee. Customers’ goods will be packed in accordance with standards, according to the requirements of the size and weight. They are packed into customized packages before being shipped.

Packaging special service
Packaging special service

Depending on each type of goods, Be9 will measure and pack appropriately to help preserve the goods better. In addition, we will support packing on request. Please tell us your packing requirements, have a logo or not, design your packing bag, plastic or fabric bag, or box…



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