Recognizing the importance of culture in the enterprise as well as the solidarity of individuals in the company, in order to enhance solidarity and cooperation ability among officers and employees, on the morning of June 14/ In 2020, the ApoGroups hair factory department organized a team building program at Sam Son beach in Sam Son city, Thanh Hoa.

Since its establishment in the early 90s of the 20th century, ApoGroups has always paid full attention to employees and promoted corporate culture. Therefore, activities aimed at connecting personnel and building an ideal working environment are always one of the top concerns of the company’s board of directors.


The beginning of the team building program was an intimate meeting that took place at 6:30 pm on June 13, 2020, with the participation of the company’s leadership and all employees working at the company. ApoGroups hair factory. Here, the members had the opportunity to meet and exchange as well as listen to the speech of the deputy director of the factory cum representative of the management board of the factory – Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dung, along with sincere thanks. and a few words from Mr. Pham Hoang Tung – representing all employees of ApoGroups hair factory.

Following the program was the contest “Learn about ApoGroups” which took place extremely excitingly. In this part of the competition, officials and employees have the opportunity to show their understanding of the company as well as express and share their pride, difficulties, and gratitude for their work. and remuneration received from the factory during working time here. The contest not only received a warm response from the staff, but also from the company’s leaders, in the hope that it can strengthen solidarity as well as help employees have more motivation to work together. Devote for the company.


The party night at the factory ended in excitement with a series of special musical performances performed by the members themselves and in anticipation of the upcoming team building plan.

The team building program officially started at 7:00 am on June 14, 2020, it seems that the hot sun cannot reduce the joy and enthusiasm with the full participation of all staff. factory pellets. The color of red shirt mixed with the wind, the blazing sun of the famous Thanh sea creates a vivid and wonderful picture and has become an unforgettable moment in the memory of ApoGroups employees.

Opening the program was the familiar, youthful and dynamic “Hand Washing Dance” performed by members of the office department and other parts of the factory. The very unique opening performance has contributed to increasing the enthusiasm, attraction and bloodiness for the next program called “Competitive Heroes” with very fun and exciting team games. The games with the names respectively: ”Getting the East Sea”, ”Arhat pushing the ox-cart”, ”Dragon to the sea” are somewhat stirring up the atmosphere of the program.


Each game, each challenge posed requires close solidarity and collective strength. Thereby also partly showing the corporate culture that is constantly being consolidated at ApoGroups. The enthusiasm from the entire leadership team and factory employees created really happy and exciting moments for everyone.

The staff here also experienced moments of sublimation, mixed with sand and water, even sweat fell, their feet were tired, but physical fatigue did not stop the smile that was always present on the face. each person’s lips. The vibrant music and enthusiastic cheers from the surrounding audience are the motivation for the teams to strive for the first prize and receive enthusiastic gifts prepared by the factory leadership themselves.


With the theme of Solidarity – Success, the team building program has successfully brought all factory employees an extremely exciting and meaningful festival, becoming the glue that unites members of the company. ApoGroups family.

Different from the difficulties encountered in the first time organizing team building for employees, also thanks to the professionalism and enthusiasm from each member of the team building program organizers of the ApoGroups factory this time. This event successfully closed with good memories and feelings in the hearts of each employee who attended. Also after the success of the team building tour program at Sam Son beach, ApoGroups and the company’s factory division have once again affirmed the strength of solutions to promote corporate culture at the company.

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