Teambuilding December 2020: Activities to connect employees’ spirit

In order to improve the spirit of solidarity and working connection between departments, APOGroups has organized for all its staff a teambuilding trip 3-4 times/year. Most recently in December, APO Groups had an interesting teambuilding trip in Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi city. Here, collective activities and attractive games made all members extremely excited and burned with all their heart.


Although the weather was quite cold that day, all members of the company felt the vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere of each brother. 60 members were divided into 3 teams (green, yellow, red), regardless of position, department, all brothers and sisters united and overcame challenges from the Organizing Committee with consensus and support. each other. Sharing the exciting atmosphere, everyone can feel the enthusiasm of each brother not only at work but also in moments of fun together.

The games are designed specifically according to the Company’s requirements to increase coordination and support in teamwork, but still have to prioritize “fun is the main” for all participating members. From simple games such as: wearing sandals, pushing cans to games that require a lot of exercise like riding a trampoline to find the number box. All of them were enthusiastically participated by the teams and tried their best.

After the warm-up, the teams entered the first game: Fast Footsteps


If the game of wooden clogs requires ingenuity, consensus and unity to reach the finish line, the game of pushing cans requires patience and ingenuity.

The next game is Riding animals to find the number box:

Some behind-the-scenes photos of APOGroups:

Having fun, laughing and talking in Ba Vi plateau seems to bring people closer together. On each face of the participants, everyone aspires to win but always remember that we are a big family, whoever wins is well deserved.



The bustling atmosphere of Ba Vi that day was no different from a festival when joy and cheers echoed everywhere. The efforts of the teams participating in the game and the cheering audience are very “strong”, true to the active and enthusiastic working spirit of APOGroups staff.


Thereby, it is easy to see that the “warriors” of APOGroups are very passionate and passionate in everything, despite many difficulties and challenges, they still try to overcome and succeed. The proof is that the challenges of the teambuilding program have been conquered and completed excellently.

It is not difficult when everyone is united and united to achieve the goal that they desire. The joy is not the rewards they receive, the burst of victory here is the sustainable cohesion of a “big family” who always stand side by side, overcome difficulties and progress together. to the destination.

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