The beauty of APO Groups company culture: Monthly birthday party of employees

Some people say that knowing more about the importance of birthday activities for employees will help boost employee engagement at work. Coming to APO Groups, it is undeniable that the birthday celebration for employees is never outdated throughout the formation and development of the business. This is a fun time, a time to interact with everyone in the company, creating a culture in APO Groups.


Enjoy time together

It can be said that monthly birthday parties for employees have gradually become an indispensable cultural beauty here. Each month, the birthday celebration has left each employee with memorable memories not only for the employees in their birthday month but also for the entire company. Coming to APO, employees will be able to celebrate their birthday together at the company. Everyone together decorates, prepares cakes and fruits to create a bustling, fun and happy atmosphere. This is a time for everyone to share memories, talk to each other and increase solidarity within the company.

Culture of recognition

The birthday celebration for employees not only shows interest in the spiritual life of employees but also shows the recognition culture of APO Groups. That is the recognition of the presence and ability of employees to the company. Organizing a birthday party for employees takes place at the office and is a traditional beauty in the company’s culture, enhancing the spirit of solidarity and attachment between departments in the company.

The participation of the Director, the Board of Directors in the company

The company culture is formed by the enthusiastic contribution from both sides, namely the Director, the Board of Directors and its employees. At APO Groups family, the Director always emphasizes the importance of each employee in his company, so at birthday celebrations, the Director and the Board of Directors always spend time participating in the party, and gifts for employees.

New ideas

In order for our employees not to get bored with the same Happy Birthday song repeated every month, APO staffs have always thought, designed new activities and ideas to organize celebrations. Meaningful birthday celebration. Birthday is the time when everyone makes the members of the company always feel special and loved by everyone.

Creativity in birthday songs

In addition to the standard song Happy Birthday for employees, the company organizes other activities such as exciting songs from the Director or colleagues sent to employees with birthdays in the month. The Director is always friendly, cares about employees and gives his love to all officers and employees, who always devote themselves to the development of the company. Some songs were played in the company’s birthday month such as: Where love begins, Going to return, Rain of love, etc.

Employees expect their birthday celebration is to realize that their company shows interest and affirms their contribution and existence in the company. Only from such small things, APO Groups has shown its dedication to the lives of employees from the smallest things.

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