Tips to take care of dry, frizzy hair at home

Are you feeling depressed, lack of confidence because of your dry, broken hair? Don’t worry too much, because in today’s article, we’ll share all about how to make your dry, frizzy hair silky smooth all day long. Scroll down and discover tips to say goodbye to your frizzy hair!

Factors that make hair dry and damaged

Damage to your hair may be caused by the shampoo you are using. Shampoos for different hair types contain specific treatment ingredients. Choosing a shampoo that is too “heavy” for your hair, or even washing it too often is one of the leading causes of dry and damaged hair.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), overexposure to chemicals in bleach, hair dye, or other hair products can also dry out your hair. Or simply too often exposure to water containing salt and chlorine such as sea water or swimming pool water can also become the cause of your hair damage.

Another factor that causes dry hair for girls is the sebaceous glands under your hair follicles. Usually due to overuse of chemicals, improper hair care, hormonal changes, or environmental pollutants that reduce the effectiveness of the sebaceous glands, causing the scalp to secrete less substances. Oilier than usual, which in turn leads to dry hair, split ends and frequent breakage.

Tips for girls with dry hair

#1: Switch to moisturizing hair products

The lack of moisture makes your hair fall into the most prone to damage and breakage. Therefore, choosing the right shampoo, conditioner as well as hair care products is very important. The ideal shampoos for dry hair will have a pH between 4.5 and 6.5. In addition, you should also prioritize choosing shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizing ingredients that are specifically for dry hair such as essential oils, ceramides, and fatty acids.

Conditioner, cream, hair conditioner are also indispensable products in the process of restoring your damaged hair. Regularly use hair cream or mask to give your hair the necessary nutrients and improve the condition of your dry hair.

#2: Limit the use of dryers and products that use heat

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) says that frequent use of blow dryers, hair styling with heat styling products, or direct exposure to sunlight and UV rays have Can cause dryness and split ends. For girls with dry, weak and easily damaged hair, we encourage you to limit heat styling to a minimum. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice your wavy curly hair or give up your straightened hair. Instead, invest in mousse products, tocsm styling creams… made with natural ingredients, moisturizing and non-drying hair is all you need.

In case blow-drying or perming is a must, make sure you spray on a hair protectant before heat styling. Another helpful tip is to use your heat tools on the lowest heat to avoid breaking your hair while styling.

#3: Proper nutrition

Setting yourself a suitable diet is the first condition to keep your hair in the healthiest condition. To ensure hair growth, you will need a lot of beneficial nutrients. Typically omega-3, biotin, vitamins E, A, B12, iron, zinc… these substances are also often used in functional foods or products used for hair care. In addition, foods such as eggs, milk, seafood, nuts are also rich sources of the above substances as well as providing keratin to make hair stronger and tougher.

#4: Meet with a consultant

In case the advice we give is still not giving you the results you want, it may be time to book a private appointment with your doctor, it is likely that you are experiencing a medical condition. Hormonal disorders make your sebaceous glands work abnormally, thereby causing dry hair.

With tips on how to take care of dry hair – APO Import-Export Joint Stock Company hopes you can take care of your hair properly. Wish you have healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

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