Top 4 beautiful and stylish braided hairstyles for girls

We all know that over-styling can cause damage to our hair, not to mention the cumbersome, time-consuming process of creating a beautiful hairstyle. So how to find a hairstyle that is both pretty and easy to do, especially to suit the hot weather of the upcoming summer? ApoGroups tells you: try braiding. Braided hair is both easy to do and has a variety of styles, more importantly, even if you don’t have time to adjust your hair, braided hairstyles can also help you look decent and even rank you up. It’s your set. Let ApoGroups reviewed the braided hairstyles Beauty for her stylish nhé!

#1 French braid

You should also start saying goodbye to loose hair and start getting used to daily braiding for the new summer days. Surely every girl knows the beautiful and very stylish French braids hairstyle . French braided hair is inspired by French muses, so it is always bold, classic and no less sophisticated. As complicated as it may look, the process of creating a French braid is one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles of all hairstyles. All you need to do is brush your hair smoothly before you start braiding, take a section of hair above, near the front of your face, and divide that hair into 3 equal parts and proceed to braid as usual. often. However, during the braiding process, you will have to do the extra step of adding hair to your braids. Specifically, in turn, select the smaller curls on either side of the head to add to each knitting, knit the two extra hair sections on the sides in the middle and repeat the operation until all the hair is braided. Secure your hair with an elastic band and spray a thin layer of hairspray to keep your hair in place.

#2 Crown braids

Plaited hair does not mean monotonous or will you sink in the crowd, at least not with braided hairstyles crown (Crown Braid) complete this dream. Braided hair is actually hair that is pulled up by braiding. Maybe some of you are wondering that braiding is already difficult, who can do it while braiding and bun? Hello, the braided hairstyle is super beautifulThis is much simpler than you think. This is literally one of the most time-saving hairstyles we’ve come across, you don’t even need anything but a comb and a few hair accessories. The first step is the same as above, you need to brush your hair very smoothly, then divide your hair into 3 strands and start braiding your hair as you like – you can do the French braid, end the fishbone braid or choose the braided style. Netherlands. Braid your hair around your head all the way to the end and then tuck the end into the braid with small bobby pins or clear elastic bands. The final step is to pull out the big ends and define with hairspray, choose your favorite hair accessories and done!

#3 Waterfall braid

With its delicate and gentle look, waterfall braids, or waterfall braids, are one of the beautiful braided hairstyles.very pleased with the elegant and meticulous girls. Waterfall braid hairstyle is gradually becoming a trend not only in the country but also super famous abroad. It looks sophisticated, but this hairstyle is quite easy to do and requires very little skill related to styling. The first step you need to do is part your hair in the middle, then select two thin curls on the side and a small lock on the left side of the top of the head and place them on top of each other so that the hair you just took is between the two remaining curls. again. Drop the strand of hair you just picked up and then take another lock near the top of your head. Continue to bring the hair just taken between the two original curls to create a waterfall shape and repeat the above step until the end of the head. Finish by braiding the rest of your hair all the way to the end and secure it with a clear hair band or small clip.

# 4 Herringbone braided hair

Herringbone braid is always on the list of all time favorite beautiful braided hairstyles of girls thanks to its ability to enhance your beauty in just a few minutes. Herringbone braids, or fishtail braids, are suitable for almost any style, from elegant and bold to playful and dynamic, a hairstyle that everyone should try once. Unlike other braids, to braid your hair in a fishbone style, you have to divide your hair into 2 equal parts. Take a smaller strand of the hair on the left side and cross it over the other side, cross the two sides together like above until the end of the hair and then secure it with a hair band. One more small note for you is that your hairstyle will be more beautiful with a pair of brilliant earrings in the color of the sun.

Above are the 4 most beautiful braided hair options that A PO Group suggests to girls, what are you waiting for without giving it a try? And most importantly, don’t forget to leave your comments below our comment section.


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