Top 5 beautiful hairstyles for the bride on wedding day

This article is dedicated to future brides who are looking for a simple wedding that doesn’t take too much effort or put too much pressure on the preparation, has a plan to cut costs, and shorten the standard time. equipment, or even simply looking forward to being able to prepare everything yourself for your big day.

Minimal aesthetic style (roughly translated as minimalism style) and DIY (do it yourself) are becoming the two absolute dominant trends among young people today, but minimalism does not mean simple. The truth is that it can take you hours, even days, to find a hairstyle that is both minimalist and can make you stand out from the crowd. So, today APOGroups will give you some suggestions for bridesmaid hairstyles that are easy to do and save time .

High twist hair

With both classic and aristocratic beauty, the twisted updo completely meets the criteria to become the perfect bridal hairstyle for you. At first glance, it looks complicated, but in fact, you only need 3 minutes to make this hairstyle. The first step you need to do is comb your hair and then part it according to your preferences, you can choose to part in the middle, part the bangs or flip the bangs upside down.

To ensure your hair is set and not frizzy, you should leave your hair unwashed for 1-2 days before styling, or prepare yourself a bottle of hairspray in case you have too much hair. . Use a headband or hair tie to fix the hair on one side of the head, avoid tying the hair too close to the scalp or too close to the ears to avoid headaches during styling. The ideal distance to tie your hair is about 4-5cm from your hairline. From the section of hair that has been fixed, wrap (twist) the hair from front to back to the ends and secure with a small pin on the other end.

To give your hair a more subtle and light look, loosen the twists by gently tugging them with your hands and spritz a thin coat of hairspray to set the product. In addition, you can also combine some sparkling and “chic” hair accessories to contribute to the splendor of your bride ‘s hair .

Braided hair reaching g crown

Choosing to DIY for your bridal hairstyle doesn’t mean you’ll be lost in the crowd, at least not for this dreamy Crown Braid. Crown braid is actually hair that is pulled up by braiding. Maybe some of you are thinking that braiding is already difficult, who can do it while braiding and bun? Sorry, you are very wrong. The crown braid is one of the most time-saving hairstyles we’ve come across, you don’t even need anything but a comb and a few hair accessories.

The first step is the same as above, you need to brush your hair very smoothly, then divide your hair into 3 strands and start braiding your hair as you like – you can do the French braid, end the fishbone braid or choose the braided style. Netherlands. Braid your hair around your head all the way to the end and then tuck the end into the braid with small bobby pins or clear elastic bands. The final step is to pull out the big ends and define with hairspray, choose your favorite hair accessories and done!

Curly hair

Being in the trend of beautiful hair for many years and still showing no signs of cooling down, wavy hair (Wavy Hair) completely deserves to be honored as a hairstyle suitable for all events, from simple to formal. Curly hair gives girls a gorgeous and proud look. Girls with thick hair will love this hairstyle.

To create this hairstyle, start by applying styling cream or hairspray evenly. After that, use a hair dryer at a low temperature to dry your hair thoroughly, so limit the use of a high temperature dryer to avoid making your hair frizzy and damaged. Part your hair into medium sections and start curling. Let the hair cool for 4-5 minutes and then comb it gently with a comb. Finish styling with a thin coat of hairspray to keep your hair in place and shiny. Finally, do not forget to decorate your hair with a small crown or a clip with stones.

Low bun

If you are following the subject of “gentle” and “fragile”, then you should not ignore this bridal hairstyle . This elegant and soft, yet mature low bun hairstyle is the perfect choice for girls who prefer a simple and elegant style.

First, spray a thin layer of hairspray to fix your baby’s hair. Tie your hair tightly into a ponytail, taking care to tie it tightly to ensure your hair stays in place while styling. Divide the braided hair in half and wrap it around the base one by one, securing with an elastic band or bobby pin. A little tip for you guys is a pretty clip or some small flowers will make the hair look outstanding.

French Buns

The French bun (Chignon Bun) is a great hairstyle for brides who are pursuing a luxurious, feminine style, true “queen bee” girls. Although it does not require too complicated manipulations, this hairstyle gives a luxurious, noble and “Royal” look.

Use the end of the comb to part the hair and fix it at the nape of the neck, then twist the curls in an anti-clockwise direction. Continue twisting your hair to form a bun, then secure it with an elastic band or hairpin. Loosen your bun by gently tugging at the edge of the bun and secure it again with small bobby pins. A small note for girls who intend to do this bridal hairstyle at home, that is, you should keep your hair clean for 1-2 days so that your hair can be easier to manage.

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