Top 5 wig suppliers in Asia you should know

Starting a new business in the wig and hair industry requires you to have a lot of preparation. And one of the first things you should put a focus on is finding reliable sources for what you are going to sell. However, there are so many wigs suppliers out there in the market that make it hard to verify a good one for your business. So today, we will introduce you to a list of the 5 best wholesale wig suppliers in Asia to help you choose a wig supplier easier.

Asian wig suppliers– where your wigs come from

Have you ever wondered where the hair of your wigs really comes from? As wigs and false hair have become more and more popular, the demand for virgin hair also steps up. In fact, a large part of human hair wigs in the market today come from Asian countries. Vietnam, China, India, and Cambodia are the main wholesale wig suppliers of Asia. The hair they collect can be from temples in India, or women and young girls who want to trade their hair for a small fee.

Wig suppliers collect the hair from temples in India or women who trade their hair for some living fee
Wig suppliers collect the hair from temples in India or women who trade their hair for some living fee

“Fallen hair” from salon owners (the hair which was trimmed from salon visitors) is another source of hair material for hair extensions manufacturers and wig wholesale suppliers. They will then blend, process, and use this type of hair for cheaper and lower-quality hairpieces.

In general, Asian wig suppliers offer medium to premium quality for human hair wigs. And due to the lower labor cost, they set a more affordable price compared to other suppliers in the world. The large local workforce is also a strength of wig wholesale suppliers in Asia. They are contributing to the great supply capacity and production time reduction.

Top 5 wholesale wig suppliers in Asia


Be9Hair is both the premium and biggest human hair wig manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam. It offers a wide range of in-stock and customized wigs with a variety of length, color, and texture options. The main wig categories that Be9Hair is supplying include lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, full lace wig, 360 wig, U-part wig, T-part wig, headband wig, and toppers.

Be9Hair sets a minimum order from 200gram. However, the more you buy, the bigger discount you can get. Besides, Be9Hair always strives to meet the ever-increasing demand for hair products. It also boasts one of the best customer services. The company ships across Asia and to the rest of the world. You will get the items delivered to your address in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, with a hair factory of 50,000 square meters, Be9Hair possesses a stunning supply capacity. The factory can produce up to 2 million pieces per year and deal with thousands of ODM and OEM orders annually.

Luxshine Hair

Over a decade of operating in the hair industry, Luxshine Hair has now been one of the best ethical and premium wig and weave manufacturers and suppliers. Luxshine Hair’s charm comes from its premium hair quality. Its wigs and weaves are made of 100% virgin human hair collected from girls and women in mountainous areas. Luxshine Hair’s wigs secure a stunning and natural look and feel with soft and silky tresses.

Luxshine Hair offers a premium hair quality in every wig
Luxshine Hair offers a premium hair quality in every wig

The special thing that makes Luxshine Hair stand out from other wig suppliers is it always keeps a large inventory. Hence, the items are always available for worldwide shipping. The company proudly boasts a 99% order success rate. Luxshine Hair also allows customers to track order delivery status on their site using a tracking number.

MCsara Hair

MCsara Hair entered the business in 2014. Ranked as one of the leading human hair extensions manufacturer and wholesale lace wig suppliers from Asia, MCsara Hair is home to high-end hair products. Human hair wigs and hair extensions from MCsara Hair are 100% stronger than most processed hair from other lace wig making suppliers. There are over 15 textures and 40 colors to help users create any look.

Especially, the company can deal in the latest and most popular products available in multiple exclusive brands. In the meantime, MCsara Hair provides the option for custom orders. That means you’re not limited to what is in stock.

MCsara Hair is home to a wide range of high-end hair products.
MCsara Hair is home to a wide range of high-end hair products.

U-nice Hair

Unice Hair is a world-famous wigs and hair extensions supplier from China. It has been in the hair industry since 1999. And now Unice has owned 4 physical stores in the USA. It sets a global footprint, supplying hair products to various countries in America, Europe, and Africa. One of the greatest things about Unice Hair is its abundant source of feedbacks and reviews, both in images and videos. This allows newbies to know their hair quality better. And Unice Hair also gives some discounts for customers who send them quality feedback.

Unice Hair stands a world-famous hair extensions and wig supplier
Unice Hair stands as a world-famous hair extensions and wig supplier

Black Show Hair

Black Show Hair is another Chinese supplier. The company has been in operation for more than 10 years. It puts focus on the American market, but Black Show Hair also makes its hair products available in Africa, the UK, and the rest of the world. Black Show Hair also offer customized labels, packaging, and customers’ photo to match its distributors business. Furthermore, the company is one of the wig wholesale suppliers that offer drop shipping. That means you can cut the cost of storing the hair products and get them shipped directly to your clients by the supplier.

Black Show Hair is one of the wholesale wig suppliers that offers drop shipping
Black Show Hair is one of the wig wholesale suppliers that offers drop shipping

Once you know the importance of choosing the right wig suppliers for your hair business, you should start to search for one now. And this list of the top five wholesale lace wig suppliers in Asia will help you narrow your potential suppliers. We hope that you can find the best one for your business soon. Thank you for reading.

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