Top hottest hair colors in autumn 2020

The transition of seasons is always the perfect time to get F5 back on its own – from your favorite styles, outfits, skin and hair care products, and of course the hair color that has stuck with you all summer. Last. Choosing a beautiful hairstyle or color that suits you is always the top concern of ladies.

It’s not enough to be beautiful, individual girls also want to own unique and strange hair colors that don’t feel too overwhelming or inappropriate for the working environment. Changing your hair color not only offers a dramatic change in your appearance, but can also give you a completely different look at yourself. Join ApoGroups to immediately refer to the extremely hot colors that promise to be the most popular in the autumn of 2020.

Hair lowlights

If the hair with shiny golden highlights is considered one of the most trending hairstyles of summer 2020, lowlights hair dye is gradually becoming a phenomenon, promising to storm this fall. Choosing darker tones with cream brown lowlights close to the face will be the smartest choice this fall.

Copper red hair

Instead of the bright red for this summer, the gentle but equally brilliant copper red hair color is the most perfect color for you in the fall 2020. Basically, copper red is the perfect harmony. The perfect blend of brown and red, guaranteed to attract all eyes on you.

Chocolate brown hair

Not only autumn, but classic chocolate brown is also suitable for any time of the year, with any color and skin tone. To keep your new hair color from being too boring or mundane, choose a slightly darker shade to add depth and warmth to your hair.

Navy blue hair

Starting to emerge as a phenomenon from the spring of 2020, navy blue hair has not shown any signs of cooling down and is even trending to become one of the most popular colors this year. If you are looking for a color that is both personal and sophisticated, this is the perfect hair color for you.

Start an exciting autumn with blue hair color that has its own personality, cool style but does not lose its inherent cuteness. Blue hair color that is both unique and extremely delicate will bring you the best experience.

Platinum hair

Instead of following the trend with cool hair colors for fall, why not try a striking platinum hair color? The best part about choosing a platinum hair color for fall is that you don’t have to worry about having to bleach your roots at all. The reason is that the contrast between the hairline and the hair color is, in fact, the point that attracts the eye to you.

Hair dyed bangs

Instead of dyeing the whole head, creating a highlight by choosing a bright color for the bangs in contrast to the top of the head will help make your look both personal and equally mysterious.

Along with a series of stars like Jennie (BlackPink), Dua Lipa or Billie Eilish, bangs have gradually become a leading trend with a strong influence on the fashion and beauty industry worldwide.

Dark brown hair

With only one or two shades lighter than black, a dark brown hair color that is both sweet and seductive will give you a look that is both classic and trendy. Getting rid of red hair is the most important factor when choosing this dark brown color, to neutralize your hair color, we recommend using a green shampoo specifically for dyed hair.

Purple hair color

Purple hair color combined with a little pink and blue light has been storming the beauty community recently, and this is definitely a color not to be missed this fall. .

Pastel hair color

Light and bright pastel hair color is always the first choice of girls who love to style. With the cool and chilly weather of autumn, pastel hair color will bring a bright and excited atmosphere around you.

Chestnut brown hair

Neutral colors like brown or black are always in the top of the most favorite colors of women. To slightly change the traditional brown color, you can consider choosing for yourself chestnut brown hair color to add depth and flexibility to your hair. Also, don’t forget to buy yourself a bottle of sulfate-free shampoo to ensure that your hair is durable and healthy.

Golden red hair

If platinum isn’t an option for your fall hair color, consider a golden red that’s neither too bright nor too bright. This unique and feminine hair color will be the perfect choice for sweet candy girls who like to change.

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