Vietnamese women’s herbal hair care secrets

Accompanying with the green and nature-friendly trend, taking care of strong hair from natural extracts is the optimal choice and becomes today’s trend. Vietnamese women have always been known for their shiny black hair, so let’s find out what secret is hidden behind this smooth, lightly scented hair.

Bodhi – the perfect shampoo for beautiful hair

From ancient times, grandparents often thought that smooth and shiny black hair was always the wish of girls. To own the ultimate black and smooth hair, the natural ingredient to make the perfect shampoo is the water that boils the locust fruit.

In locust contains 10% sapotin, has many uses such as cleansing, anti-inflammatory. In addition, to create more scent, one can add basil leaves, grapefruit peel or boiled lemongrass with shampoo. Without harmful chemicals, stimulating hair growth and making hair shiny and healthy, the pot of locust shampoo is the correct choice for girls.


Studies have shown that ha thu wu is a medicinal herb that helps improve hair loss and especially cures premature graying of hair by stabilizing melanin pigment in the hair roots and providing essential nutrients to follicle cells. hair growth.

To bring out the best use of Ha Thu O, you should prepare ingredients including 1kg of Ha Thu O, 100g of black beans and 2 liters of white water. Bring the mixture to a boil, drain the water and dry. Repeat this operation 9 times, then let it dry and grind it into a powder. Can be mixed with boiling water to drink, you will have smooth black hair as you like.


The essential oil in basil helps increase blood circulation under the skin, stimulates new hair growth, fights infections. If you have problems such as dandruff, hair loss, then use basil leaves. While helping to improve the condition of dandruff, while helping to make hair fragrant, soft and smooth, basil is the optimal solution for your hair.

To have a pot of fragrant shampoo, you can prepare fresh or dried basil with 1 liter of white water, bring to a boil, then add cold water to wash your hair. Pay attention to wash with warm water, not too cold.

Mint leaf

Known as a familiar plant used to beautify the skin, treat colds, mint is also known for its miraculous use in hair care. Mint contains ingredients that are beneficial for hair such as menthol, menthyl acetate, L-pinene, L-menthon, L-limonen. Peppermint leaves help prevent oil secretion that causes stickiness and helps keep the scalp healthy.

Mint leaf shampoo can be combined with apple cider vinegar to effectively promote scalp circulation and limit dandruff on the hair. It can be seen that natural ingredients help women have long, shiny and strong hair.

Natural ingredients for incubating hair

In addition to the familiar herbs mentioned above, you can also incubate your hair with natural ingredients, provide nutrients to your hair and add moisture to help strengthen hair from root to tip.

  • Aloe vera juice

Did you know that aloe vera juice has the ability to stimulate hair growth extremely effectively? By applying aloe vera juice to the hair and massaging the hair roots, it helps the hair absorb nutrients better. For best results, you should incubate your hair for at least two hours.

  • Castor oil and olive oil

With extract from conditioner to effectively restore and regenerate hair cuticles, the perfect combination of conditioner and olive oil makes hair stronger and much smoother. Gently massage the mixture into the hair to help the oil penetrate deep into the ends of the hair, providing a high moisturizing effect.

  • Avocado mask

More than just a familiar fruit, avocado hair mask helps prevent hair damage and maintain shine.

With only common and easy-to-find herbs in daily life, Vietnamese women always confidently appear in strong and shiny black hair. Choose for yourself the right herbs to own the hair of your dreams.

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