What makes Be9 Hair Company so strong?

It cannot be denied that a healthy dose of work hard, play hard can do wonders for a company. It makes employees are more engaged with the work they are doing. This, in turn, brings better results, better sales, and better productivity. Especially, and it can make strong connections with people in the company. After all, people matter more than money. That is one of the most important mottoes of Be9 Hair Company. And that is also what makes our company strong.

1. Be9 Hair’s story

It all started back in 2013, CEO Mr. Jack opened a small factory in Nam Dinh Province, Viet Nam. He and his co-founders draw on experiences to create initial hair extensions, providing domestic needs. And over a decade, the company has developed and become one of the most premium hair manufacturing companies in Viet Nam, providing top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners all over the world. Especially, in 2021, we are putting enormous effort into building sustainable cooperation with Africa’s market.

Since the first day, Be9 hair company has worked for long-term development with solid values. We are the ultimate embodiment of self-love, self-care. Beyond beautiful hair, we want to inspire confidence and empower you to look and feel your best every day. We dedicate ourselves to deliver the best and only the best hair extensions at the best price.

To complete all of our mission, we have invested in the manufacturing process, equipment, and of course, human resources. In Be9, human resources are indispensable factors of production justify. Therefore, the leadership always tries to build a good work culture in the company. Keep reading on to explore what creates our strong connection in Be9 Hair company.

2. Be9 Hair – Work hard play hard!

It comes as no surprise that work culture is one of the main reasons behind the success of every business. And Be9 Hair company is no exception. Our company is built based on the motto: “Work hard play hard!” We have lots of outdoor activities in a year, which guarantees us to keep engaged in working. And below are how we create a work hard, play hard culture in our company.

Leave the office for a walk

Be9 Hair Company - Walk together
Be9 Hair Company – Walk together

Every week, on a beautiful day outside, we often leave the office and go for a walk. This not only helps us improve our physical health, but it also does wonders for a more productive mind. The mood of all staff are improving and be closer together.

Go for a picnic

Be9 Hair Company- Go to a picnic
Be9 Hair Company- Go to a picnic

It’s so lucky because we have dedicated leaders. They always give us the best working environment. Also, they try to hold many outdoor activities to promote corporate culture. That is the reason why we can enjoy going for a picnic together every two months. Here we take part in many interesting activities that make us understand others more, creating a stronger community in Be9 Hair company.

Moreover, through these activities, employees can improve communication, making a plan, problem-solving, and other soft skills as well as take time to relax after hours of hard work.

Work and play together
Work and play together

Enjoy a three-day vacation together

Following the criterion “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD”, besides enhancing the growth and development of our company, Be9 Hair Company also put a lot of effort into building up healthy culture through going-out meetings, teambuilding activities, or memorable trips. The board of directors holds annual tours with the desire to tighten the solidarity among staff.

Enjoy a three-day vacation together
Enjoy a three-day vacation together


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