What you need to know 10 popular hair care products

Have you ever wondered how your hair care products work, how to distinguish hair wax from hair gel, or how to use shampoo most effectively? ? Hair care products are the first and most important step in styling and maintaining hair health.

In this post, ApoGroups will review the basics of 10 daily hair care products every girl should have and how to use these products to keep your hair bouncy and healthy.

Shampoo – are you using the right hair care products?

Shampoo – to put it simply, is a hair care product whose primary purpose is to clean. With the increasing demand for hair care products, shampoos are now produced in many different forms and uses – from cleansing shampoos to volumetric, straightening and smoothing shampoos, shampoo for dyed hair… requires users to have a basic understanding of their own hair to be able to choose the right shampoo product.


Cleansing shampoos can harden the hair cuticle and help clean the roots. The product is mainly used when you feel that too much product has built up in your hair or before chemical treatments such as coloring or perming.


This shampoo is designed to open the hair cuticle and make the hair thicker. However, to get beautiful and bouncy hair, try to choose a shampoo that has mild conditioning ingredients, rinses out and does not weigh the hair down.


Straightening and smoothing shampoos often contain silicone or oils that coat the hair shafts. Hair after being washed with a smoothing shampoo will be easier to style with a straightener.


Shampoo for dyed hair is a hair care product for styling believers. Before choosing to buy a product, you need to check the pH level of the product and make sure it is between 4.5-5.5 to prevent the color from fading. Hair care products suitable for colored hair also include products that contain ingredients such as oils, seaweed or algae to preserve color.


Sulfate is a detergent whose full name is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). While sulfate-based shampoos are great for removing oil and dirt from your hair, they can severely dry your hair and cause damage like split ends… Organic and sulfate-free hair products can be harmful. Can lock in moisture and natural oils, preserve color and reduce scalp irritation.

As for hair care products like shampoo or conditioner, you need to make sure they match the texture of your hair. Consult your hairstylist for a recommendation if you are unsure of your exact hair type.

In addition, remember to always choose for yourself two shampoos with different ingredients and uses to change between types, in order to maintain balance on the hair. Change your shampoo every 4 to 5 washes to remove product build-up and restore cleanliness to your strands.



Conditioner is usually the most common, applied through the ends of the hair, incubated for a few minutes and rinsed. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots because conditioner ingredients can lead to more product build-up and make hair heavier.


Dry conditioner is the right hair care product to soften and reduce tangles. These conditioners are usually lightweight and can be used as a styling product to leave hair soft and shiny.


Damage-repairing hair masks or conditioners are suitable for repairing dry and damaged hair. Hair masks contain ingredients like waxes, oils, and emulsifiers to go down to the root and restore hair from the ends. Most masks should be applied from root to tip and left on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Hair oil and serum

From argan oil to avocado oil to coconut oil, hair conditioners are a must for those with ‘problem’ hair. They help soften hair, increase smoothness, promote growth and give your hair a luxurious, shiny look. For best results, use hair conditioner on dry or near-dry hair. The trick is if you have very dry ends, apply a little conditioner from the center to the ends BEFORE washing your hair.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an indispensable hair care product, especially for those who are constantly on the move. Dry shampoo comes in powder or spray form, and is specifically designed to absorb excess oil at the roots. Using dry shampoo is very simple – just rub a little dry shampoo on the oily areas and your hair will be as clean as new.

Alternatively, you can also use baby powder if dry shampoo isn’t available to achieve the same results. Dry shampoo not only helps to remove excess oil, but also provides support at the roots for a boost of vitality. Be aware, however, this is not a substitute for washing your hair, so try to only use dry shampoo for up to 1-2 days before rinsing it out.

Wax / Hair Wax

Hair wax, also known as wax, is a great product for removing baby hair and keeping it in place for complex hairstyles. When using hair wax, mix a drop of hair conditioner with hair wax and smooth over hair after styling for extra shine and hold.

Mousse combs hair

Hair mousse is one of the indispensable products in creating volume and impression for your hair. Smooth the mousse over towel-dried hair with your fingers before blow-drying and watch your hair come to life!

Heat protection spray

If you regularly style your hair with hot tools, a heat protectant spray is an absolute must for protecting your precious curls from direct heat damage when using a curling iron or straightener. hair. Just spray hair from mid to tip before heat styling. After styling, the product will not leave any frizz in your hair.

Sea salt spray

Sea salt spray gives your hair a wave-like and silky look when spending the day outside. They work between curls, especially for curls, and smoothing. For coarser hair, some oil-based sea salt sprays can help add shine and shine.


Hairspray provides the ability to hold, style, remove frizz, add volume, texture… When in use, hold the nozzle above head (approximately 8-10 inches) and spray gently instead. because it is sprayed directly on the hair. To smooth your hair, you can spray a little product on your hands, then gently smooth down the hair to be smoothed.

Curling cream

Who doesn’t love a chic curly hairstyle? Curling cream can be used on straight hair to create texture or on curly hair to increase the level of natural frizz. For best results, section hair into small sections, then gently massage product into hair and rub vigorously.

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